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Get Phantom Cigarettes, Chicken Cutlet & Brun Maska At This Iranian Cafe In Mahim

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We may have been late in expressing our love for Cafe Irani Chaii, but this small eatery in Mahim has definitely stolen our heart with it delicious, affordable food and a jar full of Phantom cigarettes.

Chow Down

As you set foot inside Cafe Irani Chaii, you’re welcomed into the old-world charm of the now rare Irani cafes. Completed with checkered flooring, wooden chairs and small tables with glass tops, this quaint little cafe behind Paradise cinema in Mahim is just the kind of place you want be at when hunger strikes in and the pocket isn’t too full. This eatery serves some of the most delicious Parsi and Irani grub, and we suggest you waste no time in ordering from the minute you enter. The owners seem to have a humourous take on things, and have a blackboard with a list of ‘don’ts’ scribbled all over {including how to not bargain with the cashier}.

First up, blindly call for their Pallonji’s raspberry soda {INR 30} which goes perfectly with pretty much anything that you order, and is always our choice of drink at any such eatery. For the food, start with their chicken cutlet {INR 40}, chichken kathi {INR 40} and mutton samosa {INR 30 for three}. We loved the samosas and the cutlets the most, while the kathi, too, didn’t seem like a bad pack and was worth the buck. We then gorged on some delicious bhurji pav {INR 70} and a plate of akuri {INR 70} to get the best of both egg preparations. Neither disappointed, to be honest. We called for some bun-maska {INR 30} and Irani chai {INR 20} to make this an authentic affair. Of course, there’s no better way to end your meal than with the mawa cake {INR 25}. A meal for two will cost you approximately INR 400 {how awesome is that?}.

Anything Else?

The service here is super quick and the staff is no-nonsense- no extra chatting up, no additional information and very to the point. The owner is always around and is quite a friendly man. You will spot a huge jar full of the long-lost, not forgotten Phantom cigarettes that are sold for just INR 10 per pack and are just the nostalgia trip you need to close this affair.

So, We’re Saying…

We’re in love with everything at Cafe Irani Chaii and highly recommend this place the next time you feel like some delicious, Parsi-Irani food.