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What Makes It Awesome?

Independence Brewery has been around Andheri West for almost about 2 years and they have been up to some great stuff of late. I say this because when I had visited this outlet around Aug 2018, I found this brand to be serving some great beer especially for the ones who prefer a strong IPA, with great music, events and a positive vibe to this place. However, there was almost a wanting to crave more for when it came to food.

I happened to visit Independence Brewery for lunch just a few days ago and boy was I delighted to see the new menu. I could not drink a lot due to work hours but do grab on the Mulberry Red Refreshing Beer. Mild, a little sweet but a perfect companion for your summer lunch.

One of the longest running stand-up venues in the city with the likes of Aditi Mittal, Urooj Ashfaq, Punit Pania, Akash Mehta, Kautuk Srivastava etc performing routinely at stand up nights (every Sunday). Wednesday Jam - Young Independent/cover artists perform renditions of classic/contemporary Hindi songs with a generous mix of originals every Wednesday 8 pm onwards. Other events: Art & Craft workshops, Poetry open mics & mental health-related events on Saturday afternoons.

Beers in focus:
▶Pulp Fiction- Brewed every summer, this one is a hot seller with batches running out within a few days. Mango based is to watch out for. The stock just runs out.
▶The Pie Series- Fruit infused sour ale - perennially on tap. Fruits used range from Blueberries, Mulberry (currently on tap) to peaches.

I had tried the following:
▶ Beef Tenderloin & Smoked Chili Fry- This was more like a south Indian Mangalorean Costal flavour. Strong on spices, Peanuts, Curry leaves and the smokiness of the meat. Rated – 4/5
▶ Bohri Style Smoked Mutton Samosa- Those perfect mommy style homemade Samosas with a thin delicate outer puff pastry fried to perfect golden. Served with a tangy Tamarind sauce and green mint chutney. Eat it the way you want, you’re sure to take ore of this home. Rated – 5/5
▶ Soy Chilli Pork Chops– Am a big fan of Pork. To elaborate this dish, Pork Ribs glazed with soy sauce, Potato Wedges and a decent amount of green garnish turned my afternoon to - all eat and go to sleep. Rated – 5/5
▶ Grilled Lamb Burger – Like they say love at first sight, a true burger looks impressive right from the work go – The perfect bun (like the classic all American Cheese Burger), the perfect patty and the perfect amount on non-slurp juice. This one had all 3 tick marks and the Lamb served with Tzatziki, a Greek side sauce made of Yogurt, Cucumber, Garlic, and often mint. Rated – 5/5
▶ Chocolate Mousse - This is a heaven for dark chocolate fans. True dark chocolate, more dark Chocolate soil, Pistachio Crumb served with crunchy Almond Praline – take a bow for this dish (Please be advised this has a dark bitter taste & people expecting sweetness just because this is a dessert. Rated – 5/5

What Could Be Better?

Nothing to complain yet. Just enjoyed my time. Yes, I did not get drunk since it was lunch hours.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000