We're Showing Some Love For Mumbai Favourite Combo: Bun Maska & Chai!

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A cup of chai, freshly toasted bread slathered in butter, a flaky khari biscuit and an old world charm; Irani cafes sure know how to celebrate nostalgia. We personally love Irani chai, and bun-maska chai is one of our top favorite comfort snacks that we can devour at any time of the day! The next time you’re craving a bun-maska chai combo, head to these old-school cafes in Mumbai!

Yazdani Bakery

Located in a busy bylane near Flora Fountain, Yazdani is one of the legendary Irani cafes in Mumbai that has been around for over 100 years! Locals love the place and tourists enjoy dropping in to experience the old world charm in the busy metropolitan life. Ideal for an afternoon chai, Yazdani Bakery serves only Iranian snacks, and the bun-maska Irani chai combination  here is a hot-seller. 

Cost: INR 60 

Café Excelsior

Another hidden gem in Fort, Café Excelsior comes highly recommended for those on the search for good bun-maska chai around the city. With vintage wall clocks dominating the quaint ambience of this Irani café, every meal here is a cozy experience dipped in nostalgia.  Tea-time at this family-run restaurant comes highly recommended. 

#LBBTip - they only accept cash payment. 

Cost: INR 60

Ideal Corner

Tucked in the bylanes opposite the Khadi Bhandar in Fort cosy Irani café is one of the iconic restaurants in Mumbai that serves great bun-maska chai. A hot spot for tea breaks and evening snacks, Ideal Corner is seen buzzing throughout the day.  If bun-maska is what you’re looking for, Ideal Corner comes highly recommended. 

#LBBTip- They also have Chinese dishes on their menu, in case you don’t wish to opt for the Parsi dishes.

Cost: INR 70 

Café Military

One of our favorite Irani cafes in town, Café Military is ideal for those looking to enjoy a good Parsi meal complete with an old world charm in a place that celebrates history. Tea-time here is busy; people from offices around drop by for their dose of bun-maska chai. If you’re looking for a quick snack, this place in Fort comes highly recommended!

#LBBTip-  you can also grab a quick beer here! 

Cost: INR 70 

Light of Persia

This tiny restaurant in Peddar Road is a great pit-stop for office goers who wish to enjoy a cup of comforting chai, or a quick snack. While their mutton kheema dishes come highly recommended for meal times, their bun-maska chai makes for the best snack or even breakfast! 

Cost: INR 30 

Jimmy Boy

One of the iconic Irani cafes in the city, Jimmy Boy is known to serve some of the best Irani cuisine in town! Bun-maska chai on your mind? Head over to Jimmy Boy in Fort to savour some of the best. Rustic furniture, chandeliers and quick service staff add to the charm of this experience. 

Cost: INR 70 

B Merwan

Located right across Grant Road Railway station, B Merwan is a popular pitstop for breakfast for office goers. Locals love to walk down to enjoy their tea-time with Irani snacks and chai, and the bun-maska chai here is undoubtedly a popular choice. Smeared with butter, the bun-maska here is one of our favorites too! 

Cost: INR 25 

Sassanian Boulangerie

Located in Marine Lines, Sassanian has come a long way since its inception. What was a small stall that served chai and biscuits has turned into an iconic Iranian café that is frequented by locals and tourists alike. A quick afternoon chai or a lazy Sunday breakfast is best enjoyed with bun-maska chai, a fact that patrons swear by. 

#LBBTip - they also serve desi Chinese dishes!  

Cost: INR 30 

Café Irani Chaii

This Irani café in Mahim is fairly nw compared to the other Irani cafes in town, but don’t be fooled; the food here matches that of any of the legendary Irani restaurants in the city.  Drop by for a meal, or just to enjoy a quick snack. Their bun-maska chai combination comes highly recommended. 

Cost: INR 65 

Café Colony

An Irani café located in  Dadar, Café Colony is a popular hangout joint for locals craving good Iranian food and snacks. Meal times are packed, while tea-breaks see people enjoying toast, bun maska, biscuits and chai while catching up with each other. If you’re in the neighbourhood, the bun-maska chai here is worth a try. 

Cost: INR 45

Café Gulshan

A hit with the students of the Podar, Ruia and Welingkar colleges, Gulshan Café in Matunga is a popular restaurant that serves mouth-watering Parsi food. If you’re not up for a meal, their bun-maska chai combo is one of the best in the city.

Cost: INR 50 

Koolar & Co.

This quaint, cozy Irani café serves mouth-watering Parsi cuisine, and is seen buzzing with people during lunch hour. Come tea-time, and the place is swamped with customers who come down to relish piping hot Irani chai. Add bun-maska to this order and you’ve got yourself the perfect evening pick-me-up! 

Cost: INR 60 


If you’re in the mood for something fancy and don’t mind shelling out some extra cash for a good Iranian meal, SodaBottleOpenerWala is one of the most popular and highly recommended restaurants to consider. Head over to enjoy a breakfast of bun-maska chai, a classic combo that can never go wrong!

Cost: INR 55

Lucky Restaurant

Drop by for breakfast between 9 AM -12 PM to enjoy comfort Iranian food and snacks. While their egg dishes are a hit, we love to start off with the bun-maska chai combo before proceeding to the rest of the breakfast menu. 

Cost: INR 100