Enjoy The Perfect Chai With Awesome Packaging At Chai Point!

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smart design and great execution have gone into making  one-of-a-kind heat retaining flask. Meeting the highest quality standards, the flask enables  to deliver hot Chai without compromising on taste and quality and retains heat for 45-60 minutes. All five layers of the pouch are approved for food industry usage with the innermost layer being certified free of harmful BPA’s. Chai Point is the first company in India to deliver hot Chai to your doorstep.

The range of available products on the Chai Point website varies from breakfast to snacks, Maggi and sweet treats. All of their food products perfectly compliment of Chai. They ensure that everything that is available to  customers is made from the best and is prepared fresh. products go through a rigorous quality check before being served in stores.

Exotic teas made with real spices and high quality tea leaves and 100% natural.

All the combos are available at range of ₹199 - ₹349

Flavors of chai at chai point available are masala chai, elachi chai, Irani chai, and Even jaggery chai available at range of ₹90

All the snacks like burger, samosa , rusk and many more are available in combo at stores