Bookworms, Here Are The Best Libraries In Mumbai For You To Read More

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You may say that libraries are rare now, and even rarer are people who have library memberships. However, the stupendous cultural importance of libraries can never be denied or overlooked. If you are a book lover and happen to be in Mumbai, we’d say you are missing out on a lot if you haven’t been to some of the city’s best libraries.

Asiatic Library, Fort

Now over two centuries old, The Asiatic Library is a treasure trove of age old manuscripts, rare journals and historic magazines forgotten in the sands of time. Being a member here can mean that you suddenly stumble upon a really old newspaper belonging to eras gone by. The library is now in the process of preserving its old content by converting them to the digital form. This would make it even easier for more people to access, although it would not be the same without the Asiatic Library’s physical presence.

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Maharashtra Mitra Mandal Library, Bandra West

MCubed is more than just a library. While its commendable collection is respectable, what’s great to note are the reading rooms, discussion sessions and even a literature festival for its members, all of which encourage sharing of knowledge and intermingling of cultures. MCubed {pronounced em-kyoobed} was established in 1981 has a massive collection of Marathi literature, which happens to be its forte. It divides the collection between kids and adults, and is situated in Bandra.

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Maharashtra Mitra Mandal Library


Princess Building, Ground Floor, D Monte Park Road, Bandra West, Mumbai



Taking a stark departure from the previous entries, Bookelphia is a completely online library that has print and digital copies. It has a vast collection across varied genres, be it non-fiction, history, business or even romance. The best part? You can even sign up to receive physical copies of books, and the library arranges a pick up/drop service. You may also keep a book for, well, forever, but we urge you to share it with others if it is that awesome!

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J.N Petit Library, Fort

The JN Petit Library and Reading Room has been there since 1856. Nestled in its imperial building in Fort, it exudes an aura that is a sheer experience in itself. The library has a separate room dedicated to really old and rare copies, manuscripts and journals, which is possibly its greatest strength and USP. Adding to that are the ambience and the massive, massive collection of bookings amounting for over 150,000 copies!

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Bombay Library

Yet another online library in this list, the Bombay Library is a completely unique experience. Here, you are the librarian as well as the borrower. You can sign up on their website and put in a request for a book. If another person has it, he will inform you, and you can choose to meet the person to exchange the books in question. Essentially facilitating book and content sharing, The Bombay Library is a great virtual library for those who wish to share their reading collection!

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People’s Free Reading and Library, Marine Lines

Yet another century-old library in SoBo, this place has a great collection of publications from the British Rule era of India. It also has a dedicated section for students and offer then subsidised memberships, and its reading rooms are almost always full and there’s a vibrant aura of excitement in the air.

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The People's Free Reading


Opp. Metro Inox Cinemas, JSS Road, Dhobi Talao, Marine Lines, Mumbai



In fact, the concept of ‘human libraries’ rose to importance owing to the impact that libraries had on us. Here, people replace the books themselves and become the subjects of one’s study. Know more about them here

Book Stores

Title Waves


St. Pauls Media Complex, Opp. Duruelo Convent School, Off Turner Road, Bandra West, Mumbai