Ra Ra For Ramen: Best Ramen Spots In Town

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Ramen's no longer a new discovery. Over the last couple of years, this hearty broth-noodle concoction has absolutely stolen our hearts. We've got our faves when it comes to where to savour the best bowl of ramen in town. Read on for more!

Sapporo Ramen, Mizu, Khar

Mizu's undoubtedly one of the best places for ramen in the city. And while they've got a few different options to choose from, we hear their Saporro Ramen is simply fantastic. It's a pork-based miso broth with pork chasu, citrus chilli oil and hand-pulled sesame noodles. The miso and slow-cooked broth add an earthy flavour that really makes the ramen stand out.

What to Try: Sapporo Ramen. For vegetarians, their Veg Ramen with tofu is a great alternative too.

Price: INR 900

Miso Ramen, Milliways Broth Noodle & Bao, Grant Road

Well, if the name doesn't intrigue you (head's up literary fans), then the Ramen here should. Milliways is a delivery and take-away restaurant in Grant Road that's great for lazy days when you don't feel like stepping out. Their Miso Ramen comes highly recommended and is served deconstructed with each element packaged separately so the noodles don't get soggy. What's great about the ramen is the broth that gets its heady flavour from the miso, boosed with bok choi, nori, spring onion and bean sprout.

What to Try: Miso Ramen or the Spicy Shoyu Ramen. Each comes in a vegetarian or chicken variation.

Price: INR 390 upwards

Pork Tonkotsu Ramen, Izumi, Bandra

We love Izumi for their beautiful izakaya-style atmosphere - they've even got an actual sushi bar and an open kitchen where you can watch all the action - and most of all for their fantastic food. We've got to recommend the slow-cooked Pork Tonkotsu Ramen for its rich broth and its delicious toppings. 

What to Try: Pork Tonkotsu Ramen. They also have vegan ramen options for those of you who are into the vegan lifestyle. 

Price: INR 750

Tantanmen Ramen, Fatty Bao, Bandra

Fatty Bao's one of our go-to spots for ramen and is it any surprise with how delicious their broth is? For a fully tummy-warming experience dig into their Tantanmen Ramen. It's a combination of chicken and pork broth, with pork mince and a flavourful sesame oil drizzle. 

What to Try: Tantanmen Ramen or if you're veggie try the Exotic Mushroom Ramen which is equally fantastic. 

Price: INR 630

Miso Ramen, Origami, Powai

Origami's our top pick in Powai when it comes to Japanese and Korean food. The restaurant's definitely made a mark for their hearty ramen bowls. Among the options, their Miso Ramen stands out for its rich flavour. You can choose between the chicken or the pork option and we love the smokey flavour that the miso adds to the broth.

What to Try: Miso Ramen with pork or chicken. If you're vegetarian, you can opt for the veg option.

Price: INR 700


If you want to cook your own ramen at home instead of ordering in or dining out, here's an easy hack. And here's an easy recipe for Shoyu Ramen!