Snack Time Calls For Some Delicious Samosas! Check Out This Food Outlet!

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What Makes It Awesome?

The FooD Ex has been a lifesaver since the lockdown bringing great food at reasonable prices

1) Paneery chilli cheese samosa with mint chutney - I would say 6 pieces of samosas is quite reasonable considering the taste, quantity and quality they serve. If you stay in Mumbai then you must, like its a must to try this one. Their mint chutney is damn yummy and trusts me these samosas are heaven. Just dm to have this amazing delicacy.

2) Chocolate and Vanilla Overloaded Muffins - You won't get this tasty muffin in the whole town, I can say that for sure. The softness and the overloaded chocolate made me believe that the best muffin in town is this. Now whenever someone would say muffin I will definitely say The Foodex and M not just saying for promotion but its a damn true fact. If you don't trust this and consider it a promotion you can ask my friends who had tasted with me, and their answer was the same, i.e. best in town.

3) Hot Cheetos Mozzarella Bomb sticks - As its name is, its a bomb of lots of cheese in it. Quite crunchy and crispy and with ranch, it tasted much better. You won't get mozzarellas sticks better than this. And note that this is not spicy its more of cheesy.

4) Angari Paneer roll - Oh, it was a perfect Indian roll with chutney and paneer stuffings in a wholesome quantity. It's a best choice if you really love to eat rolls. Spicy, hot and perfect to fill ur tummy. Can be eaten at mealtime as well.

My personal recommendation - Paneer chilli cheese samosa and both muffins.