Samosa Lovers, We've Listed The Best Places for Samosa In The City!

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The perfect midday/pre-meal snack, the perfect samosa is as light as it is filling, delightfully crunchy and generously stuffed! We scoured the city for the best samosas, and these stood far apart from the (soft and stingily stuffed) rest... Here are the city's premier samosas!

Guru Kripa, Sion

If you’ve been in Mumbai long enough, and haven’t dipped your samosas in Guru Kripa’s chhole, then what are you even doing? The samosa chhole at the 43-year old Guru Kripa in Sion are one of the best we’ve personally had. They’re hot, made fresh every day and come with a plate of chhole, and chutney!

Price: INR 37 a plate

Tewari Bros Mithaiwala, Juhu

This shop goes all the way back to when it first opened up in Opera House in South Mumbai. Now they have a sprawling shop in Juhu, and their aloo samosas are an absolute delight. A favourite among the regular guests, they have been serving awesome samosas for the longest time. They’re crispy, fatty and full of well-spiced aloo filling, served with a side of green chutney.

Price: INR 26 each

Sindhu Sweets, Khar West

Hot pipping potato filled samosa served yet again with pipping hot chhole is what every Delhi walas dreams are made of. Except if you’re in Mumbai, just pop over to Sindhu Sweets outside Khar station and have an indulgent snack post-office. Or whenever. This is a no-judgement space. The samosa here is fried fresh in regular batches and is really popular with the railway commuters. Just got to step out and get one.

Price: INR 40 for a plate, served with chholey and green chutney

Lashkara By Punjab Sweet House, Bandra West

Right next to 5 Spice in Bandra, Punjab Sweet House for its namesake keeps up its standard of serving one of the best samosas in the city. It’s a joint perfect for getting quick snacks post-work, with your family on Sundays or when the cravings for samosas set in.

Price: INR 30

Manoj Sandwichwala, Heera Panna

Mumbai’s street food is vibrant and really experimental. So of course, there’s a samosa sandwich awaiting us. Right outside Heera Panna Shopping complex, Manoj Sandwichwalla with his tiny cart comes and sells tasty samosa sandwiches.

The crispy samosas are broken down, topped with tomatoes, lathered with loads of green chutney and a little bit of spices and then served between bread. He comes there generally 5pm onwards, so do give this one a try!

Pankaj Farsan, Vile Parle East

Pankaj Farson is another oldie but a goodie. Pankaj Farsan started off in the 1970s selling the delish samosas and freshly made, thin potato wafers. The samosas here an absolute delight, though they do sell out quickly so make sure to head there early in the evenings. They have Punjabi samosas and even Jain samosas.

Jeff Caterers, Bandra West

Jeff Caterers on Chapel Road, Bandra West has been around for ages now. It’s a popular snacking joint with the Bandra folks. It’s a hole in the wall but serve really good Mughlai food, from your kebabs to biryani and a killer Mutton Kheema Samosa. The minced meat is filled in the samosa, which is then deep fried, served fresh with chutney or ketchup!

Ladu Samrat, Lalbag

Ladu Samrat is a popular Maharashtrian snack joint in Dadar. They have been serving their snacks for a few decades now, and still get it right. Frequented by the office-goers and residents of the area, it’s classic case of oldie but a goodie.

Of course, it’s also a good place for their Punjabi samosa plate. Served with chutney and love, it’s a no brainer place to be on this list. Heads up, post 5pm it gets really crowded so head there before it.

Price: INR 34 for a plate of 2