Byke Heritage Resort In Matheran Is Beautiful And Perfect For Your Next Fam-Jam

    What Makes It Awesome

    Built in 1854, Byke Heritage Resort is a stunning property set across 7 acres of land, nestled amidst the beauty and greenery of this hill station. Go here to enjoy a relaxed weekend with your family where all you need to worry about is what to see next.

    This heritage resort is a massive property. Gorgeous, to begin with. Surrounded by lush greenery, the resort is will transport you into a whole new era from the minute you set foot. Rooms with high ceilings, antique furniture and just stunning, natural light all over are just some of the first few things that will make you fall in love with this space. The good part is that the property is away from the main Matheran bazaar, which means there’s no hustle-bustle of any sort. Go here for when you want to totally disconnect from the city life.

    The property also has plenty of indoor and outdoor activities to indulge in. Sweat it out playing tennis, badminton and cricket, or use your brains in some intense games of chess, or showcase your tactful playing skills over a round of table tennis. They also have some Kathpuli shows, stage dramas and musical evenings to keep everyone entertained. If that’s not enough, then step out and go for some treks nearby, shop a bit or go horse riding.

    They have deluxe, luxury deluxe, executive, Byke odyssey and Byke Royce Cottage stay facilities, and depending on the package and rooms you choose, your tariff for two people per night starts at INR 9,600 and goes up to INR 11,000, which includes all the meals of the day. The restaurant serves only vegetarian food, which is fairly decent, but then again, there’s plenty around for you to go eat at. 


    They also have an in-house discotheque for those who want to dance and make merry! 


    The property listed are following the necessary guidelines with respect to safety and health. However, we suggest you maintain social distancing, wear face masks and carry sanitizer with you. If you have doubts or queries we suggest reaching out to the host property directly.