OMG! This Mumbai Restobar Has Watermelon Kegs & Fully-Loaded, Bizarre Cocktails!

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Candy and Green is really upping their brunch game – watermelon kegs with a full bottle of alcohol or completely crazy cocktails that are topped with appetisers.

Chug, Chug, Chug!

Vegetarians {and vegans} have been frequenting SoBo’s Candy and Green since it opened, back in February, but the food is so good that even meat-loving foodies have warmed up to it. Having chanced upon the watermelon kegs, part of their brunch menu, we now have one other really good reason to make a beeline for this pretty restaurant.

These ‘kegs’ are actual watermelons, fitted with taps that easily hold between 10-15 drinks {10 being minimum and 15 being maximum}. Pick your poison – they have Absolut, Ketel One, Ciroc, Belvedere & Grey Goose. However, the price for one keg starts at INR 8,000 {about INR 800 per drink if you choose the Absolut/Ketel One variant}. However, if you’d like, you could switch up the Absolut for Smirnoff and get the keg for INR 5,800 {making it INR 580 per drink, the number of drinks served remain the same}.

Freakshakes Are Old News

Make way for loaded cocktails! For the uninitiated, these delightful brunch drinks are cocktails topped with appetisers so you don’t have to take a break from drinking to carb-load. Candy and Green serves four kinds and the brunch snob inside us is very excited by the Wasabi Bloody Mary. Spicy arancini, a mini Bombay burger, grilled pineapple and curry empanada lead the way to a 400 ml of sinus-clearing, delicious vodka cocktail.

Each loaded cocktail is for INR 700 but, considering all the fixings it’s served with, we think that’s a good deal.

So, We're Saying...

Completely Instagram-able, you’ll want to save this one for very special occasions {such as a promotion and pay hike!}.

P.S. Candy and Green also serves unlimited Sangria every day between 6pm – 8.30pm for the low, low price of INR 1,000.