Crawford Market Is Your One Stop Shop For All That You Need

    Fort, Mumbai

    What Makes It Awesome

    It's noisy, it's crowded and it's always buzzing. Yet, we love the Crawford Market, whose each and every lane is filled with loads and loads of things to shop. Enter the lanes and you'll be welcomed by vendors selling tables mats, Dustin bags or scarves. (They are perpetually there at the entrance, literally). There is nothing you can miss here. Every turn you take, every move you make, you will find something that you would need or want. A traditional old-school market with labyrinths of different offerings, each lane will surprise you. They have dedicated lanes for home decor, Chinese crockery, stationery, perfumes (itar), party lane (yes, they have it all), artificial flowers, fairy lights and many more. We'd recommend The Bombay Stationery store for great discounts on stationery items and Beauty Center for some amazing discounts on makeup items. There are plenty of wholesale stores selling bags, accessories and decor items. So, in case you want to buy in bulk, you can head to these stores. There's The Party Shop, which is literally a go-to for all your party essentials and needs. There's an entire lane dedicated for artificial flowers, indoor plants and decoration. If you're looking to shop for something premium or branded you can head to Metros, Bata or Roopam as well from where you can get your hands on chic shoes, clothing etc. We won't lie, shopping in Crawford can be really tiring. That's why we'd say end your shopping by visiting Badshah, which is a pretty popular restaurant there known for their fresh juices, faluda and pav bhaji.


    We would say don't go with a particular lane in mind or a shopping list in hand. You might just end up getting lost and tired with all the walking. Let the market surprise you with its own flavours!
      Fort, Mumbai