It's All About Being Healthy At This Popular Cafe

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What Makes It Awesome?

Flax - Wow! This place is a Gem. Healthy Concept at Its best. Guess there are 4 outlets in Mumbai and 1 in Pune. Had a chance to have some Healthy Fresh food at Powai. Delivery time was perfect. Packaging - Perfect. Taste - awesome. To sum it up - Hats off to the entire team who has curated the menu.

Stuck to Veg - Super Bowl Section, Mexican Bowl (High Fibre) priced at 325/+ a meal by itself. Had punch/Flavours Tanginess. A combination of arugula/spinach (sharp taste) Onions/tomatoes/mixed beans/corn (a bit of Mexican) Grilled Paneer. Guacamole/salsa Grudo (Subtle/tangy taste) Greek yogurt. Chipotle gave you the hit, Ragi chips the crunchiness. Mango Yogurt was icing on the cake.

Signature Salads - Glow Bowl Salad (signature) Anti aging asked for a small portion. Priced at 245/+
Packed well. Colourful. This had Kale/Spinach (greens) Beetroot/tomato/carrots/radish. A bit of quinoa and chickpeas went well. Avocado (fresh) Cranberry gave that tangy taste. Feta (salty) Chia seeds (healthy) Turmeric mustard dressing - Loved the texture. Complete signature salad.

Fit Meals are small portions (Like mini meals) Tried the Thai Peanut Tofu with Soya Mirin Soba and Steamed Broccoli. Something different. Light at the same time healthy.

Sandwich - Loved the 3 layered. BRO DONT BE SO MUSH (catchy name) Its Mushrooms. Stayed the travel time. Bread was super soft. Stuffed with arugula/spinach/broccoli but the key ingredients were Mushrooms/Caramelised onions. Jalapenos and Tzatziki enhanced the flavours. Perfectly balanced and a must try. Each bite gave you the hit from the Jalapenos and sweetness of the caramelised Onion. Complete package at 205/+

WRAPS - light at the same time packed with flavours. Thin layer stuffed with Spinach and arugula a bit of tomato/Grilled shredded Paneer some olives/pesto to that that juicy taste and caramelised onions. Overall perfect.

What do i say - YUM. Keep up the good work. All the best. Cheers.

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