Garage Inc: A Decade Old Architecture With Great Food & Drinks

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What Makes It Awesome?

Garage Inc is close to Colaba Causeway. The decades-old architecture is maintained so well. The interiors have an old ceiling which is 2-3 decades old, Poster and frames which are people’s invention done in their garage. A foosball table in the centre to enjoy with a group of friends. Loved the overall look and the feel. The vibes are very positive.

Steward Gurang made sure that we were comfortable throughout our meal. Brownie points for the prompt and quick service.

Coming to the F&B, we ordered

🔸Berry Blast - Berry based thick slush served in a margarita glass. Loved the taste. It was super tasty. The lemon and salt on the rim on the glass was making the taste yummy.

🔸Apple Cinamontini – A perfect mixology of cinnamon and apple juice. The smoked cinnamon stick on the top added additional extra taste. Loved it.

🔸Vietnamese Chili King Prawns – Perfectly deep-fried six pieces of King Prawns served individually, in a shot glass with Vietnamese sauce. Loved the taste. Highly recommended.

🔸Fish Fingers – Seven pieces of medium size Fish finger served with tartar sauce. A little heavy since it was deep-fried, but a nice quick bite to go along with the drinks.

🔸Sloppy Joe - Open sandwich with chicken pieces and onions, topped with melted cheese. The open sandwich was served with fries. A super tasty sandwich worth ordering.

🔸Jimmy’s Jerk Chicken – A big size grilled chicken breast served with Potato mash and veggies. The taste was just perfect.

For dessert, we ordered

🔸Nutella Cheesecake – A Philadelphia cheesecake with Nutella topping. Could taste the Philadelphia cheese taste in each bite. Loved the sweet and cheesy combination.

🔸Cookie Dough – Served hot on a skillet, the cookie was too sweet if eaten by itself. The ice-cream and the marshmallows with it made a good balance to the cookie dough. Overall a good dessert to try if you like cookie dough.

To sum it up, they offer a wide variety of food and drinks at an affordable price. I want to go and try their Sunday Brunch next time.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae