Ride, Travel Or Drink With These Cool Women-Only Groups In Pune


Truth is, women are badass and the world is only just getting to know that. Right from biking to meeting up and drinking beer, these groups are a great way to meet like-minded women. After all, is it really fun without your best girl buddies?

The Bikerni

Pune and India’s largest women bikers’ group, The Bikerni is a mix bag of women who came together because they love riding bikes. Started in 2011 by Urvashi Patole and her associates, The Bikerni has a few requirements, if you wish to join them. You obviously need a licence {learners or permanent}, a geared or non-geared bike, and, lastly, passion towards your bike and riding. Like their Facebook page and message them about your interest to join. Once you’re in, go off roading, perform stunts and also maintain and modify your bikes. Ride away and take a ton of adventurous trips.

Women Who Love Beer

Whether you’re a connoisseur of beer or just love to drink, meet up fellow beer-loving women and chug. It’s perfect for those who are new in the city and looking for drinking buddies. The group coordinates via the website meetup and meets at microbreweries, bars and beer events to drink and banter. Their rules include that you obviously must be of legal drinking age, you pay for what you eat and drink, and that you don’t drink and drive. And, a minimum number of three people including the host need to be present. Join their meetup group and you’ll be notified about the next event.

Women Travellers Dreamcatchers

Hate travelling solo or with your male buddies? Join the all-girl gang, where women of all ages travel together. The group plans a trip once in two-three months and organises small domestic and international trips. There are also small get-togethers in between, so you get to know who you’re travelling with before venturing out. And, everyone pays for themselves, so you’re under no pressure to pay a required fee or any other membership fees. All you need to do is like their Facebook page and message them on + 91 9890122276 to enquire about upcoming tours.