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Birthday Coming Up? Get This 'Meat Cake' From Jimi's Burger In Malad

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Jimis Burger in Malad has invented The Meat Cake, a carnivore’s birthday wish come true. We explore why it may be a dream come true for cake haters {Yes, we exist}.

Chow Down

Always thought cake was overrated? Are you an eater of meat patties from a burger minus the buns? Jimi’s Burger in Malad has your back. They’ve invented ‘The Meat Cake’ in order to satisfy a carnivore’s deepest desire to have an all-meat tower of happiness. They started making it after a customer requested them to make it for his brother’s birthday. The cake garnered attention on social media and the restaurant decided to make it a thing.

They add chicken pieces, salamis, bacon and ham. The cake can be customised to one’s preferences. Want more bacon, less chicken? Or an all bacon cake? Jimi’s will get it done at a day’s notice.

So We're Thinking...

Starting at INR 1,000, the cake seems the perfect replacement for cakes given you’re an absolute lover of meat. Jimi’s has recently shifted from its tiny outlet to a bigger space where you can sit down, relish a burger in peace there.

Cost: INR 1,000 upwards