Craving Cafe-Style Coffee? These Joints Are Delivering

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Miss those days when you would take a break and head out for a quick coffee? Remember those times when college projects would be kept aside for a game of UNO and a strong cup of coffee at a feel-good café? Well now that we cannot really head out freely again (thanks to the virus) we found some of these gems which are up for delivery. Get a feel of your favorite coffee now, by ordering it at home. Here’s a list of places that serve outstanding coffee, and will deliver to your doorstep! 

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The Churro Co, Andheri West

Select from fresh cups of espressos, cappuccino, Spanish lattes to even decadent hot chocolate beverages from this gem in Andheri West's Oshiwara. They serve one of the best coffees in Andheri and also have an option to have hot chocolate with coffee.

Shell Out: INR 250 for two

P.S: Pair your coffee with their churros for a good time.

Slay Coffee, Multiple Outlets

Slay Coffee

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Slay coffee has some great options when it comes to artisanal coffee. They aren’t joking around with their flavors and have some great recipes going into that one perfect cup of brew. They have a separate collection of India’s strongest coffee called “Slay X”, so all those intense coffee lovers, you might want to try out this one. They also have some non-caffeinated options for those midnight cravings.

Shell Out: INR 250 for two

P.S: Slay Coffee's been delivering in really funky, sturdy cases that can double up as wall art! Not just that, thanks to the 3-layered protection, the coffee comes in hot, sealed and really safe. We totally approve. 

Hugs And Mugs, Kharghar

Choose from interesting coffee choices, frappes and refreshing iced brews from Hugs And Mugs. They also have a spin on your regular cappuccino and present it with cinnamon for the ultimate comfort drink. You can also pair up your coffee with someone who loves chai, as they provide so many good ones, ranging from elaichi chai to adrak to nutmeg!

Shell Out: INR 1,000 for two

P.S: They also provide protein shake options, so if you’re out of whey, they’re here for you!

The Crazy Yogi Koffee, Santacruz

From your daily espresso and cappucino to machiato, flat white, caramel seasalt latte, ginger honey latte, and even keto koffee, this bakery in Santacruz has it all. Expect your basics and even fancy coffees at decent pricing. 

Shell Out: INR 400 for two

P.S: Their puffs, croissants and cookies are super fresh, and are a great accompaniment with coffee. Just saying. 

Steamy Mugs, Chembur

This joint serves pure joy in a cup: from tiramisu flavoured coffee to coffee with cardamom and caramel, to a classic Irish variant, you have to try out their coffee and know for yourself.

Shell Out: INR 600 for two

P.S: Pair your hot cuppa’ joe with their ghar wali maggi and you’re sorted for the evening.

70 Beans, Vashi

Fresh hot brews, indulgent shakes and piping hot chai, what else is needed? 70 Beans is here to serve some of the finest coffee which can also be paired up with different flavours. We’re drooling over their Mint Mocha and Affogatos. We’d recommend you order in a large size, as you might not want to be left with no coffee by sharing it with everyone when it comes.

Shell out: INR 1,700 for two

P.S: They also have some vegan coffee options with coconut milk as a substitute.

The Boojee Café, Bandra

A famous joint at Carters to chill and complete work at, the Boojee Café is known for their coffee options: from flat white, to French press coffee to Aeropress coffee, exciting cold brews and iced pour overs, this is definitely the place to call up if you need a change from your regular coffee. This is the time to experiment and know which other coffee you like more, and the Boojee Café is perfect to prep yourself.

Shell Out: INR 1,000 for two

P.S: They also provide coffee with lactose free milk and soy/almond options.

The Pantry, Fort

Tucked away in a corner of Fort, there's no doubt we're missing the Pantry's laid-back vibe and relaxed interiors. But if you're craving some of their specialties, you can order their healthy sandwiches, mains and eats online. And for that caffeine shot, they've got all the classics - cappuccinos, macchiatos, Americanos and more.

Shell Out: INR 1,400 for two

Bombay Coffee House, Bandra

Good news folks! This iconic spot is delivering their fab coffee creations to those of you who have been missing the Old School Cold Coffee and Filter Coffee. Plus you can also try their more exotic variants like Iced Coconut and Vietnamese Coffee.

Shell Out: INR 750 for two

Elementaria, All Outlets

Our favourite dessert spot also does a mean coffee! If you've got one within the delivery radius, go ahead and order in one of their cold coffees or hot coffees for an instant pick-me-up. Get indulgent and order the Cafe Caramel or Cafe Nutella.

Shell Out: INR 600 for two


Hours and delivery might be affected by Covid-19 restrictions. Please check with the restaurant or delivery partner before placing your order.