We're Obsessed With The Baida Rotis At Hot Seekh In Santacruz

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Hot Seekh is a small street food outlet near Santacruz station which all meat-lovers need to head to to fulfill all their post-work cravings.

Chow Down

Meat lovers don’t have much to rejoice in Santacruz West, barring a couple places like Yokos {for its sizzlers} and a few other restaurants. For years, Nice Kebabs has been a saving grace, and your quickest fix for meat cravings. Heck, even I used to swear by Nice for a long long time, even at times preferring eating out there rather than driving down to the hyped kebab joints downtown. But not anymore. There’s another gun in town, and clearly, this town {err suburb} ain’t big enough for both of ‘em! Enter Hot Seekh. I gotta admit, both these kebab joints could’ve had better names!

Hot Seekh is a little stall tucked away between the tailor shops and clothing stores in Hasnabad Lane, Santacruz west, a stone’s throw from the station. The stall opens in the evening, but if your prefer ordering in your own vehicle (like I usually do), you will never ever find parking space till about 9.30pm. Clearly, this place gets its clientele flocking in post that. How do you get there? Follow the smoke trails! As you are nearing, let the whiffs of freshly grilled and smoked kebabs take you there.

We usually call for our plates of meat feasts for in-car service. Their mutton seekh kebabs are juicy and nicely flavoured. Served with a side of their trademark green chutney, crunchy onion and pudina leaves, this is a great way to start your meal. Follow that up with a chicken shawarma. Do note, this is a budget shawarma, costing you just over a 100 bucks, but the stuffing is insane. So here’s our usual order, for four of us. Mutton seekhs, chicken baida roti {absolutely wonderful, crisp on the outside, soft inside like it should be}, chicken naan sandwich {for INR 50, it doesn’t get better than this, chicken keema tucked in between two slices of naan bread}, a chicken tikka roll {the weakest link, but still tasty} and a leg of tandoori  chicken. This street food meat Woodstock would cost you only INR 600. You read that right!

Sip On

Well, this is the usual list of soft drinks, usually I prefer a Thums Up to wash all that down. I kid you not, you would want that satisfactory burp at the end of this!

Anything Else?

If you are really on-the-run, try out his humble seekh kebab pav. It is just what it sounds like. A seekh kebab goes in between a fresh pav with some chutney smothered. And there you have it. A meat-based vada pav!