If You Love Crab Then Don't Miss The Yum Methai Nandu Varuval At this Outlet

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What Makes It Awesome?

Talli Turmeric, now that's a unique name. They call it as being in a happy state with good food. The restaurant is spacious and has enough seating arrangement. Few highchairs tables & many sofa seating for larger groups. The Wall-art painting of the elephant is very beautifully done with vibrant colours. The service is top-notch, and the staff is friendly.

Once we got our table; we were served a welcome drink called Turmeric Latte which was chilled and refreshing.

Coming to the drinks, we ordered

- Vodka Mastani – A salty & masaledar drink with Vodka, Liked the freshness with the cucumber slice in it giving it that extra flavour.

- Spicy Guava – A simple drink with Guava and Pineapple juice, lemon and tabasco served in a glass with Salt & chilli on the rim.

- Pink Cloud – Done so well, a Vodka based drink with muddled Pomegranate and lemon juice which is topped with cream and pomegranate arils. Loved the taste and the mixology. Highly Recommended.

- Kokum Spritz – A good fizzy drink with Kokum Syrup, Lemon juice, and soda. The cumin powered & the black salt made this mocktail just perfect in taste.

Coming to the Food, we ordered

- Methai Nandu Varuval – Eating a crab can be a messy thing, but I can go gaga over this one. A soft meat crab without hard shell is coated in batter and deep-fried and beautifully served on a bed of vermicelli and green chutney.

Trust me, this is one of the best Crabs I have ever had in my life. Though the size was small, it’s the showstopper of the entire evening.

I was very impressed with the crab and hence asked the head chef Arasa Kumar to give us more details about the preparation. He gladly gave us the detailed process of how the crab is caught, cleaned and prepared. It was interesting and insightful.

- Tandoori Prawns – Four pieces of Tiger prawns perfectly marinated and tandoor. The taste of the prawns was nice and could feel the aroma of the charcoal tandoor in each bite. If you like eating prawns, then this is something worth ordering.

- Ajwaini Mahi Tikka - Four soft pieces of fish marinated in ajwain, lemon, and turmeric which is nicely tandoor and served with chutney. Liked the taste and the softness.

- Kozhi Chettinad with Appam – One of the best combinations I love eating. I felt the quantity of the Chicken Chettinad gravy was good, but the chicken pieces were less for two people to have. However, the taste was something which wasn’t compromised. Liked the perfectly made South India's popular chicken dish.

- Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani – Loved the taste and the aroma of the biryani. The crisp fried onions garnished on the biryani increased the flavour and makes it super tasty. The portion size is good for two. If you are a biryani lover, do try this. Highly recommended. It was served with a roasted papad. They do not serve raita along with the biryani. So, ordered Boondi raita separately.

Coming to my favourite part of the meal, tried a wide range of desserts

- Homemade Ice-cream – Three scoop of homemade ice-cream served in a martini glass. The flavours we ordered were Modak, Motichoor & Thandai. Out of all three, I liked Motichoor the most.

They also have Mirchi ka halwa which we tasted since I hadn’t heard or even imagined that halwa can be made of Mirchi. Made up of suji along with green chillies, this was something very unique. If you like to order and try different items from the menu at the restaurants, do try this.

- Crisp Hot Jalebi with Rabdi – I wonder which Gujrati will not have a soft corner for Jalebi. Being a Gujrati, I love eating hot crisp jalebi. The rabdi served with it was also very tasty. One of the best desserts to end the meal.

They serve meetha Paan along with the bill. A perfect mouth freshener after having all these super tasty food.

I was happy & satisfied with the service & the food we had at Talli Turmeric. Going back for the Methai Nandu Varuval for sure.

They also allow diners to visit their kitchen which is a cool gesture. Though I didn’t visit, this was a nice and open way of being transparent with the customer.

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