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Feed Your Feed: We've Rounded Up The Best Gram-Worthy Cafes In The City

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Okay so you love your caffeine and you love your Bae, and you BOTH love your Instagram. We've noted it all and given you a list of cafes that look like they're right out of Pinterest. So feel that love, pick your better half up, and celebrate the day of love with them at these beautiful cafes across the city.

P.S: Don't forget to get those couple photos clicked, okay?

Grandmama's Cafe, Multiple Locations

If you’ve been to any of Grandmama’s cafe outlets across the city, you’ll know how cute and adorable the decor is. The entire space has a very European aesthetic to it with Dutch windows, pastel flower pots and quirky framed quotes. Almost like your grandma’s house, it is cozy, lively and serves the best mac n cheese in town.

Must-Try Coffee: Hazelnut mocha, Affogato, Irish Coffee. 

Price: INR 160 and upwards. 

Mockingbird Cafe, Churchgate

Mockingbird Cafe Bar in Churchgate is one of our favourite cafes in the city. With its sweet decor, dim hanging lights, and a tiny library tucked away in the corner, it makes for the most insta-worthy images. If you are a book lover and love hot coffee, make your way here and spend some quiet time by yourself. 

Must-Try Coffee: Buttered caramel coffee, Madras Kappi. 

Price: INR 250 and upwards. 

Garde Manger, Vile Parle

Garde Manger is for you if you love plants, and all things green. It stays true to its decor since it matches the overall theme of the place and looks greener during monsoons. They also have a cute yellow-painted bicycle with an attached basket which is always full of flowers. The food's good, you have your bae to make conversations with and some delicious coffee to sip on.  

Must-Try Coffee: Just order for some cinnamon cold coffee or an Expresso Italiano. 

Price: INR 150 and upwards. 

Birdsong Cafe, Bandra

With Bandra itself being a really Insta-friendly area in Mumbai with its cobbled streets and narrow lanes full of coloured houses, Birdsong café takes our heart away. The café has a very minimal look with exposed bricked walls and its wooden furniture, and that makes it really Insta-friendly as well. 

Must-Try Coffee: Order a turmeric latte or an Americano for yourself and bae, and you're sorted. 

Price: INR 200 onward

Leaping Windows Cafe, Versova

We've tried the cappuccino, latte, and mocha there and we'd recommend the cafe not only for the amazing coffee but also for how cozy the ambience is. Select a cozy nook, get some piping hot coffee, and if you and your partner is a voracious reader, select your books from their tiny library. Are you already tempted by how comfy this sounds? Then its time you bookmark this one. 

Must-Try Coffee: Atzee cold coffee, bulletproof coffee, hazelnut black and salted caramel coffee. 

Price: INR 150 and upwards. 

Samvene:The Bagel Cafe, Malad and Thane

We were stuck in traffic at the new Link Road when we laid our eyes on this beauty. Samvene has a pretty yellow door, and the interiors are even prettier. They've got a French feel and you'll know it when you take a tour of their seating arrangement on the first floor. Samvene is also pretty insta-friendly, and in case you want to win your bae's heart, taking him/her here is a brilliant idea. 

Must-Try Coffee: You can try the Irish and hot caramel coffee. 

Price: INR 170 onward

D'Crepes Cafe, Multiple Outlets

This one's got some killer espresso shots and cafe latte. The interiors have minimal designs but the cafe somehow looks very cozy. There's also an in-house library in case you and your lover are avid bookworms. Book reading makes for great dates, and the experience only gets enhanced while it drizzles outside. 

Must-Try Coffee: Hot Irish coffee, cafe Mocha and Vietnamese iced coffee (if you're looking for something offbeat)

Price: INR 160 and upwards. 

Prithvi Cafe, Juhu

If you're craving for a little oasis in Mumbai with fairy lights and lamps, great vibes, and good food, Prithvi Cafe is a must-visit. Catch a play at their theatre with Bae, visit the bookstore, eat some great kheema pav or a blueberry croissant, and then do some legendary Irish coffee. A perfect date, we'd say! 

Must-Try Coffee: The Irish Coffee with extra cream 

Price: INR 60 and upwards

Candies, Bandra

This one's a Bandra staple. And is frequented by college couples on a budget, or just any couple on a budget, actually. The place has beautiful interiors, the ones that will teleport you to Greece (hence very very IG-friendly) Spread across 3 floors, with both outdoor and indoor seating, Candies makes for a great valentines day date spot. Try their chicken sandwiches and roti rolls, as well as the desserts when there. 

Must- Try Coffee: Cold Coffee, Skinny Cappucino

Price: INR 200 and upwards