Worth It: This Chocolate Jenga Tower In Dadar Will Make Your Diet Fall Apart

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Modern Asian Bistro in Dadar has gone a step ahead in their quest to bring joy to all the chocoholics in town. They serve a magical dessert called Jenga Tower and it’s as chocolicious as it looks.

Chow Down

We’ve all been a blessed species ever since chocolate was discovered by mankind. However, MRP has outdone everyone else. They’re serving a Jenga Tower at their restaurant and by all means feel free to indulge. If you’re confused, let us break it down for you. The Jenga tower is a chocolate dessert which recreates the original Jenga board game except instead of playing with it we just want to eat it all.

With gooey chocolate brownies that are placed strategically on top of each other, the dessert is completed and topped with two types of sauces – dark chocolate and salted caramel sauce. These sauces are dripped on scoops of vanilla ice cream and the tower. One dessert and two spoons? Yes please.

So, We're Saying...

Do you consider yourself to be a pro Jenga master? If yes, then how about upping the game and heading to MRP and actually devouring the Jenga tower? That, my friend, will be the real test of you.

Price: INR 320