We Love This Tiny Stall In Malad Serving Over 50 Kinds Of Sandwiches!

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Right outside Durgadevi Saraf College in Malad is a small stall that basically sells different types of sandwiches that will satiate your hunger instantly.

Chow Down

From the ones we know like sada sandwich and toast to different fusions such as schezwan sandwich, rainbow sandwich, and more, there’s so much variety at this stall, you will be spoilt for choice. The sandwichwala {as we call him}, has about 50 different varieties to offer and also makes his own schezwan sauce at home from scratch. And that is what we like and have basically lived on through our college life.

It is a small, street-side stall so don’t expect something spectacular, except delicious sandwiches. Overall, it is amazing and a delight to eat at. Since it’s right next to the Jumboking there, you can easily spot it {it’s also pretty popular in the loaclity}. We highly recommend the rainbow or junglee sandwich here which is so huge that it takes two people to finish one. Right next to saraf college near Jumboking outlet.

So, We're Saying...

We’re suckers for good street food so we’re definitely going to Malad for this one.

Where: Outside Durgadevi Saraf College, next to Jumboking, Opposite Bajaj Bhavan, Swami Vivekanand Road, Sunder Nagar, Malad West.