Drop By This Amazing Japanese Fine Dine Restaurant In Sobo!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Mizu is a Japanese Fine Dining restaurant at Atria Mall, Worli. The interiors are simple and elegant with beautiful seating arrangements. Each table had a miniature of Zen garden which was too cute. The seating arrangement was very comfortable. The drinks, food and the service were all excellent.

Coming to the Drink, we ordered

🔸 Virgin Bloody Mary Wasabi – A simple mocktail made from tomato juice and some spices. The wasabi powder on the rim was what made this drink different and unique.

🔸 Orange & Basil Mojito – Mojito being my favourite, I had to order this. Very refreshing and a perfect mix of few orange slices, basil, Orange juice, and Soda. The taste was just perfect to start the evening.

🔸 Virgin Appletini –Mocktail made with apple juice and apple cider served in a martini glass.

🔸 Guava Togarashi - Treat yourself to a refreshing blend of Guava juice and spices. The taste was very refreshing.

Coming to the food, we ordered

🔸 Chawanmushi Seafood – This is a Japanese speciality (Izakaya which means small plates). It was suggested by the manager. Super tasty Egg custard with savoury items as topping like Brown Cap Boletus, Prawns, Spring onion greens and Caviar. It was Rich, creamy and packed with flavours. A Must try!

🔸 Gyoza Chicken & Mizuna – Four pieces of very flavorful pan-seared Japanese chicken dumpling served with yuzu citrus chilli oil and smoked ponzu sauce. It was simply delicious.

🔸 Yakitori Prawns – Six big Tiger Prawns served on a skewer which was grilled over charcoal. The prawns were soft and fresh with the right taste. Loved the spicy margination which gave a delicious flavour.

🔸 Yakitori Ramen – I can go ga-ga over this one. The chicken broth was simply wow (it had that smoky taste to it). I didn’t leave a single drop in my bowl. A super tasty combination of chicken broth, Boiled Egg, Ramen Noodles and Chicken Yakitori on the top of the bowl. A must-try main. Highly recommended.

🔸 Donburi Mushroom & Tofu – This had a very different taste. A nice and very beautifully presented Japanese rice bowl with Momiji Oroshi (Spicy Grated Daikon Radish), Edamame (soybeans in the pod) and some crispy chips and green leeks.

For Dessert, we ordered

🔸 Matcha Aduki Apple – A gluten-free dessert, incredibly delicious. It is a must-try! The presentation and the taste of this dessert were just perfect. Matcha Panna Cotta serves with apple compote, the Arukri Terrine and the apple fennel Sorbet took this dessert to the next level. A very different and very Japanese style dessert to try.

🔸 Japanese Cheesecake – This was simply awesome, looks simple but the cake simply melts in your mouth. One of the best Japanese cheesecake. You cannot miss this dessert if you are at Mizu. Highly recommended. Try it for yourself and thank me later.

It’s not only about the meal, but It’s the overall experience you have at a restaurant which you remember. My visit was worth remembering. From the time we entered until the time we were done; we had a great time. And the best part is that I had a great company. It's certainly a must-visit place. Highly recommended for those who love authentic Japanese Food.

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