Modernist Indian Food At Its Finest: Have You Been To Tresind Yet?

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What Makes It Awesome?

Tresind is one of the rare restaurants that dares to experiment with Indian cuisine. Originating in Dubai, this highly rated restaurant combines staple Indian cuisine with molecular gastronomy, to create a fiesta of spectacular taste, presentation and flavours. The word Tresind itself means Very Indian and this aspect is overwhelming in terms of taste.

Coming to the ambience, the decor and colours are very charming and tasteful. It is an aesthetic galore for an Instagrammer. The bar in all its glory is visible from every corner of the restaurant. Light jazz accompanies throughout the meal.

Talking about service, each and every server was well versed with every dish. A detailed explanation of why which element is present in what quantity was provided after every course. The staff was very courteous and helpful in choosing the dishes.

Coming to food, we called for the 10-course Chef's tasting menu, along with two cocktails. The cocktails included the Touch of Phoenix: 4.5/5 (Bourbon-based drink with smoked dates), Petit VI: 4.5/5 (Lavender macerated Grey Goose with passion fruit).

The first course included snacks such as the Pumpkin Kulcha: 4.5/5, Guguni Chat: 4/5, Dahi Kebab: 4/5. All of them have stood out for their unique taste and flavours.

Course 2:
Pani Puri Bingsu: 4.5/5
Pani Puri in the form of Shaven ice with chana, potatoes and boondi. It was the perfect palate cleanser.

Course 3:
Watermelon Rasam: 5/5
South Indian tart Rasam combined with the sweetness of watermelon, pineapple and some feta cheese

Course 4:
Matar and Truffle Korma: 5/5
This dish is fit for Nawabs with a creamy truffle Korma and a cheese stuffed matar kebab.

Course 5:
Paneer Roomali: 4/5
Paneer covered in threads of Roomali roti served with a chilli sauce.

Course 6:
Gujarati Farsan: 5/5
This is one of the most innovative dishes. Traditional Gujarati fafda, sambharu and khandvi served with a perfect khandvi flavoured ice cream.

Course 7:
Ram Babu Paratha: 4.5/5
Onion and Poppadum stuffed paratha served with a creamy aloo sabzi and a sweet and sour pumpkin chutney.

Course 8:
Khichdi: 5/5
Making a plain household lentil and rice dish the star of the meal by combining 20 different ingredients from all States of India to cook a delicacy.

Course 9:
Guava Chat: 5/5
Disguised in a hardened guava peel, guava sorbet was served with strawberry and chilli dust

Course 10:
Palang Tod: 5/5
Milk cake and orzo pudding, served with saffron milk and a paan finished our meal on a high.

Overall, this place is a must-visit for any food lover. It challenges all your senses and shows you the depth of Indian cuisine. Taking very simple dishes and turning them into masterpieces is an art Tresind has mastered.

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