Who Will You Take On A Date Night To This Pretty Eatery?

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What Makes It Awesome

If you're in Central Mumbai you have Hrezzo in Vidyavihar, which is a gorgeous outdoor cafe serving comfort and fusion food. The location of the café and an extended party hall makes it one of the best party options in the vicinity.

The 5000 sq. ft. venue is a combination of a kickass party space and a friendly neighbourhood café for people who are looking for both to chill in a leisure setting. The decor is simple yet luxurious, with artistically crafted details. The dainty flower trees just add to the ambience, making it more soothing and pleasant. The grass carpets give it the feel of a patio where you can chill with friends and family. The venue has three different seating structures including a warm open-air café and two unique party halls.

The upper party hall with an extensive beverage counter is dedicated to live band performances. The lower party hall has a fusion theme of grey, golden and wooden colour with a blend of different elements giving out a warm aura to this dedicated section.

The menu flaunts a wide range of vegetarian, Jain and vegan items ranging from fusion Buddha bowls to pizzas to ramen. Try out their signature dishes like zucchini salad, which is made with zucchini noodles, carrots, sesame avocado and red cabbage slaw; or mushroom ki galawat, which is a classic recipe from Lakhanawi Khansama which literally melts over your tongue. Also try their chimichurri Buddha bowl and one-pot mapo tofu.

All the vegetarians who are teased for not having a decent place to eat, take those blabbing mouths and make them taste the divine dishes at this amazing place. Happy eating!


Hrezzo makes for an ideal date-night place with your BAE too. Booked your table yet?