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Seedle Farms

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What Makes It Awesome

This one has been one of my most exciting discoveries of 2021.  Spoiler Alert: health freaks, y'all are gonna love this! 

Mumbai folks, say hello to The Seedle Farms, an online salad bar that incorporates hydroponics to deliver fresh and 100% pesticide-free produces at your doorstep. Without much delay, 'lettuce' get to know them better! A lockdown baby, this venture was kickstarted in January 2021 by an architect - Farah Daruwala - who was always passionate about urban farming and the entire farm-to-fork concept. And the lockdown only allowed her to leverage her passion further. And we couldn't be happier. After days of research, experiments and, and a few trials and errors later, she stumbled upon hydroponics and was convinced that this was the most promising method of growing quality produce at home. And next thing we know, she set up her very own hydroponics farm at home.     

So, ta-da that's how The Seedle Farms was born. Now, here's what's in it for you and me (and all the health freaks out there)! The good peeps at The Seedle Farms offer an array of usual and exotic veggies and fruits in form of multiple salad boxes. These include Greatest Hit Greens (Green Butterhead Lettuce, Arugula, Red Amaranth & Sorrel), Crunchy Gang (Green Butterhead Lettuce, Red Butterhead Lettuce & cherry tomatoes), Sprinkles (microgreen mix - Sunflower, Mustard, Radish Sango, Beetroot, Mizuna, Onion), Topping Colour Party (Yellow Grape Tomatoes, Red Cherry tomatoes, snacking bell peppers, Turkish cucumber) and  Basils (both Green and Purple Basil)! Woahhhh, love the curation. 

They've also got some new additions to their menu that include Butterhead Lettuce in growing pots, Rose Tomatoes (fruity goblets of extraordinary size and flavour), Heirloom tomatoes which have an earthy wine-like flavour, organic blueberries, buttery Indian Avocados, yellow watermelons which need no explanation, pink seedless watermelons, Primrosa Lemons which are large size succulent lemons and many more.

(Psst, the Butterhead Lettuce is delivered to you with its roots submerged in water to make sure the produce reaches your plate at its height of freshness, so you get the best flavour and nutrition out of the greens consumed) Of course, all of these are 100% free of pesticides and grown using non-modified seeds.

Their pricing starts from INR 180 for the daily boxes and INR 720 for the monthly salad subscription.


Their Crunchy Gang Box is the real crowd pleaser. So, when ordering, keep this tip in mind.