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Navroz Mubarak: Here Are 10 Authentic Parsi Dishes To Try Out

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Every year, during this time, don't you wish you had your share of Parsi friends who'd call you home for a scrumptious authentic meal to bring in the Parsi New Year? No Navroz is worthwhile without its delicacies. Hence we've curated a few iconic dishes for you to gorge on, and if you haven't tried Parsi cuisine yet, then make hay while the sun shines. 

Akuri And Pav

This isn't your regular scrambled eggs. Parsis love their eggs to be soft (so soft it melts in your mouth) and spicy. And we love it that way too. Akuri Pav is the perfect breakfast option, and your Parsi meal isn't really complete without this. Get the best at Cafe Irani Chai in Mahim, and thank us after you devour on it. 

P.S.: While you're at it, order yourself some piping hot Irani chai too. 

Chicken Farcha

Go nom-nom with the fried Parsi chicken! Much before KFC started selling their fried chicken, people had been going gaga over this delicacy. And why not? Farcha's eternal flavours are too good to not be chomped upon. Get your best pick from the Parsi Amelioration Committee. We bet you won't be able to stop licking your fingers. *drool* 

Patra Ni Macchi

If you're a Bengali and you're reading this, you will relate to how similar Patra Ni Macchi is to Maachher Paturi. This preparation of steamed fish, tossed and turned in spicy chutney, and packed in a banana leaf, is the star of the show, clearly. And Jimmy Boy's in Fort is your go-to place for gorging on this heavenly dish. Club it with some fine white rice, we say! 

Mori Dar

If you're the daal-chawal kind of a person, and want to learn the Parsi way of brewing up some good dal, add Mori Dar to your list. Its super easy to make with toor dal and a dollop of ghee, but if you want to have it somewhere, head to Military Cafe in Fort. They always have a delicious spread for Navroz. 

Mutton Dhansak

One of the most popular and loved meals of the Parsis, this nutritionally rich dish is a pure gastronomic delight. Dhan refers to lentils and sak refers to vegetables, and together, they're cooked with soft mutton, or chicken, and coated with the perfect amount of spices. Grab a plate of one of the best Dhansak preparations at Britannia and Co, in Fort. 

Kolmi No Patio

A traditional Parsi dish, Kolmi No Patio, or Prawn Patio, is a divine curry, which is an amalgamation of sweet, sour, and slightly spicy flavours, that explode in your mouth. When you have this dish once, there is no looking back, we promise. You can also whip up a Pomfret Patio. Get your hands on some at SodaBottleOpener Wala in outlets across Mumbai. 

Jardaloo Sali Boti

Most of you must have had Sali Boti before but since its an absolute favorite, we will recommend it anyway. This spicy and tangy meat prep with apricot is a dish that will stay with you (or grow on you) for a while. Served with tiny potatoes, we love to hog on it. Head to any Parsi joint, especially Britannia & Company Restuarant, in the town for a perfectly made plate of Sali Boti. 


And now, to satiate your sweet tooth, dig in to a bowl of Malido. This sweet dish is garnished with a lot of dry fruits, and we're already in love with it. Have it with a unique Parsi bread called Papri. You can get some real good Malido at this restaurant. 

Head out this Navroz and make it count! 

Berry Pulao

Britannia is known for its Irani Chai, Mutton Cutlets and the really old grandpas with suspenders having their French fries with a side of chai. But what we really love is their Berry Pulao. They use Zereshk berries sourced all the way from Iran to give you that authentic zingy taste. The quantity is pretty satisfying, so you can share this one with your friend.

#LBBTip: Pair your pulao with a raspberry soda for the ultimate Navroz meal.

Saas Ni Machi

This is a classic pomfret dish best made at Jimmy Boy’s in Fort. Saas Ni Macchi is prepared with two pomfrets and a sweet and sour Kadhi made of flour, jaggery and vinegar. With a side of steam rice for you to finish this dish, you’re basically sorted for Navroz.


Please check with individual restaurants before placing your order. Dining hours and timings may be affected due to Covid-19.