Treat Yo' Self: This Mumbai Eatery Serves Pasta Tossed In A Wheel Of Cheese



    Does ‘must love cheese’ feature on your perfect date’s characteristics? Take them to Gustoso, an authentic Italian pizzeria {with outlets in both Kemps Corner and Khar} for a truly cheesy pasta tossed in a cheese wheel.

    More Cheese, Please

    A large full-size wheel of Grana Padana cheese is brought to the table. This is then lit up with brandy, and the cheese ultimately crumbles. At the centre of this cheesy wheel, a chunkful of homemade tagliolini pasta is tossed into it, and is mixed around.

    So, We’re Saying…

    If a cheat day is long overdue, or every day is a cheat day for you, you must traipse to Gustoso and let the feast begin.

    Price: INR 775 {excluding taxes}