Seekh And You Shall Find: This Iconic SoBo Joint Whips Up The Best Kainchi Kebabs

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What Makes It Awesome

The definitive leader of any Mumbai city hunt for the ‘best seekh kebabs’ in the city. The simplicity of Sarvi’s kebabs will satiate any grill and beef lover’s fantasy.

Located right in the centre of a six-way junction in the central quarters of the island city- right opposite Nagpada Police station- one cannot miss Sarvi if ever indulged in their kebabs. But surprisingly, this huge eatery (approximately 3,000 square feet) serving one of the finest and most distinct seekh kebabs does not have any name on the facade for anyone new to find it.

So what pulls the crowd in spite of the incognito branding? It is the brilliance of the kebabs, which are uniquely smooth unlike any other seekh kebab in the city. Closer to the Persian sheesh kebabs, these are long and flat and bear no colour of any masala, but only the flavourful grill marks. Mildly flavoured to savour the mushy, melt in the mouth texture, these Kebabs are best paired with the over-sized tandoori roti. The roti has its own unique flavour, which we believe is due to the dough being kneaded in milk or cream.

Another wonderful accompaniment to convert this kebab experience in a meal is the lamb trotter soup (mutton paya soup). With three pieces of trotters in a bowl of perfectly spiced broth its a dunk that will elevate your morsel of kebab and roti to another level. And do not miss to chew on all that fresh mint served with usual kebab paraphernalia of lemons onions and green chutney, It will help you cope with the gluttony you have indulged in. For desserts there is the traditional Bombay caramel custard, but we prefer their chai because of its balance of strength and milky flavour. A meal with all of the above under INR 250 will satisfy the carnivore connoisseur.

It may not be easy to spot Sarvi, yet it will be your most treasured find because of the gastronomic experience you will have there.


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