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Lover Of Strawberries? Chomp On These Very Berry Delicious Desserts In The City

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Much like mangoes (but unfairly under-hyped), strawberries get a lot of bhao in the 3-4 months that they're available. While they're healthy, antioxidant-rich, and all, we gotta be honest. We LOVE our strawberry waale desserts. Paired with chocolate, ice-cream, malai kulfi and even cheesecake, this versatile AF fruit is a smashing hit no matter what. Here's a list of unmissable strawberry-centric desserts in the city for you!

K Rustom, Churchgate

Trust K Rustom’s to make the best of seasonal fruits! We’ve all (I presume…) grown up eating their classic wafer wala ice-creams, while swinging our feet, munching away while facing the Arabian Sea. Their flavours have been wowing the city consistently for decades. Try two things while you’re here - the Strawberry Biscuit Ice Cream, the Strawberries And Cream.

Price: INR 80 for the Biscuit Ice Cream and INR 90 for the Strawberries And Cream.

99 Pancakes, Multiple Outlets

While we do love the Choco Bannoffee Holland pancakes and the Holla Nutella pancakes from here all year round, berry season is the time to get the Very Very Strawberry Pancake. It’s in the French pancake style (not the roundels that are all over Instagram), but we promise you, it’s unmissable.

Price: INR 220

Bomberry, Tardeo

If you're a Mapro Garden-obsessed foodie with a sweet tooth, Bomberry is your ticket to Panchgani (or Mahabaleshwar), and all the mind-blowing seasonal food it's got. While the savoury stuff is cheese-laden goodness that'll have the Dieting Friend crying foul, the desserts, though equally sinful, are completely worth the trip. Get the Bomberry Strawberry Cream and/or the ChocoBerry Nutella Cream, and you'll discover a whole new way to love strawberries.

Price: INR 245 for the Strawberry Cream and INR 281 for the ChocoBerry Nutella Cream.

Theobroma (Multiple Outlets)

Now let's not forget that they serve food for the Gods, or that's what their tagline says. We love the hot chocolate, quiches, cakes, and the heavenly brownies in Theobromas. But because it's strawberry season, they've gone the extra mile and whipped up gobsmacking strawberry tarts for you. One wouldn't be enough!

Price: INR 116 per piece

Le 15 Cafe (Multiple Outlets)

We love how this cutesy cafe brand has come up with decadent and fresh strawberry cream cakes this year. So instead of settling for a chocolate cake, try something fruity and equally (or maybe more) delicious. They're also doing strawberry tarts, by the way!

Price: INR 1,313 for a half kilo cake; INR 1,680 for a 7-inch tart

The Chocolate Heaven, Vile Parle

Who even can resist a well-made, fully loaded glass of freakshake? We surely wouldn't, especially if it even remotely has something to do with strawberries. This Vile Parke joint whips up really filling and tasty freakshakes and even though the strawberry freakshake is seasonal, we'll tell ourselves that good things don't come in abundance, and make peace with it. 

Price: INR 350