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Gelato To Cake-A-Mocha: Our 11 Fav Ice Cream Parlours & What To Get There

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It's never too late and it's never too cold for ice cream. We're thankful, there’s ice cream! And by ice cream, we don’t mean those synthetic tasting, congealed vegetable fat nasties that are sold in supermarkets. We mean real, good ice cream churned out of milk and made with natural ingredients. Old and new ice cream points are serving up scoops, sundaes, sorbets and cones. And we suggest you get in line if you want to breeze through summer. LBB suggests that you keep cool and try these ice cream parlours in Bangalore.

Corner House Ice Creams

One of Bangalore's most well-known and iconic ice cream parlours, Corner House Ice Cream has been serving scoops of ice cream for many generations. It's highly unlikely you'll meet anyone in Bangalore who's not been to Corner House. Our favourite Corner House in the city -- they have locations all over the town -- like this one in Indiranagar. It's such a cute date spot as well. 

What To Order: Death By Chocolate, Cake-A-Mocha, Brownie Fudge Sunday, Mocha Ice Cream, and Vanilla Ice Cream

Richie Rich

One of Bangalore’s old-time ice cream parlours, Richie Rich is legendary for its sundaes. Located near Kumara Park, the parlour is a hotspot for young and old, which people come in the evening to grab a softy or indulge themselves in the aforementioned sundaes. Since Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath is close by, you'll find a lot of students during lunch breaks garbing quick bites such as fries and sandwiches. 

What To Order: Richie Rich Special, Elvis Presley, Darling Duck, fruit sundaes, and softy 

Cream Stone

For patrons, this place bags the top spot in the rankings of the best ice cream joint. Yes, it is set in (cream) stone, they say. They make ice cream OTT and Instagrammable. And of course sinful and indulgent. You don't go here for a simple vanilla ice cream, but rather to try out their various ice creams that are served in waffle bowls. 

What To Order: Choco Almond Fudge, Tiramisu, Willy Wonka, Magic Pop 



icon-placeAvailable Online

Head to Artinci for ice creams that are made with real ingredients, which makes them thick and creamy, and bursting with original flavour. You'll love that they have gluten-free, keto-friendly, and sugar-free options. Another interesting bit about this brand is their custom ice creams. Tried a particular flavour that you’re trying to recreate? Describe it to the folks here and they won’t stop until they get it right! 

What To Order: Dark Knight Ice Cream, Fudge Caramel Crunch Ice Cream, Coffee Buzz Ice Cream

Lakeview Milk Bar

First started in the 1930s, Lakeview’s legacy is well-known to old and new Bangaloreans. While their menu has come to include a range of short eats, they have always been known to satisfy ice cream cravings the best. Our favourite is the one on MG Road that's open late at night and perfect for a late-night ice cream date. Caramel Sundae or the dutch chocolate special for the win!

What To Order: Red Velvet Sundae, Hot Chocolate Fudge, Caramel Sundae, Dutch Chocolate Special, and Lakeview Special

Pabrai’s Fresh & Naturelle Ice Creams

One of Kolkata’s most well-known ice cream brands, Pabrai’s serves up a range of natural ice creams. Do try their invention, the Nalen Gur, which is made with date palm jaggery. Others that will hit your sweet spot are the rose, paan, orange and basil, jackfruit flavours. Whacky and something different, you will want to keep trying their seasonal favourites. They are not currently open for dine-in due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, you can place your orders from online food delivery platforms. 

What To Order: Nolen Gur Ice Cream, Ras Malai Ice Cream, and Apple Pie Ice Cream

Art of Delight

When you’ve had your fill of their other desserts, set your sights on their flavour-loaded ice cream section. They do sorbets, fruity, and exotic flavours. And showcase them superbly in their sundaes. Pick any from a lineup that includes Oreo Mocha, Lychee, Caramel Cheesecake, and Deep Fried Snickers and you won’t go wrong. You could even opt for their dessert jars, their blueberry cheesecake and red velvet cakes are good picks, we gather.

What To Order: Belgian Rock Road Ice Cream, White Chocolate Nutella Ice Cream, and Mud Pie Sundae  

Milano Ice Cream

Milano will have you scoops and scoops of gelato whenever you drop by their locations. Extra Dark Chocolate (that totally lives up to its name with its generous helpings of cacao), the alcohol flavoured Whiskey Irish Creme, and the Strawberry Cheesecake are all must try here. The low on sugar, but high on flavour Avocado gelato too is a winner. And for summers there’s a range of sorbets that you’d love to lap up. For more details on Milano’s gelatos, click here.

What To Order: Strawberry Sundae, Fruit Popsicles, Ice Cream Sandwiches, and scoops of the gelatos

Apsara Ice Cream

Another Mumbai-based brand that's made it big in Bangalore, Apsara Ice Cream does natural and vegetarian ice cream. They also have vegan ice cream in the form of sorbets and you can get your hands on sugar-free options. The flavours include season specials as well. 

What To Order: Guava Glory, Pani Puri Pataka, Coconut Craving, and Killer Kiwi


Chances are you'd have ordered an ice cream cake from Ibaco because it was a rage once upon a time. But the ice cream brand still remains one of our go-to places to out all the classic flavours. Think chocolate to butterscotch. The best part is they have so many toppings that you can go mad with. We will also go a mile ahead and suggest you try their ice cream cakes instead of the usual birthday cakes as these are a welcome getaway from the traditional ones. They might have a shortened menu as they have reopened for dine-in. Highly recommend the Mango Italian Fiesta which comes loaded with mango ice creams and nuts. 

What To Order: Almond Praline, Black Forest, Cream N Cookies, Cotton Candy, and Vanilla 

Smoke House Deli

Didn't expect to see Smoke House Deli on this list did you? But they're a hidden gem for artisan ice cream in exotic flavours. In terms of texture and flavour, the ice creams are churned by hand, so it's smooth, creamy, and the perfect indulgence for summers. All made in-house, their offerings include classics like vanilla and butterscotch, but also exotic and experimental flavours like Gianduja & Red velvet and Dulce De Leche too. It's available through the summer, so try the flavours out at their Lavelle Road, Shantiniketan, and Indiranagar outlets. 

What To Order: Belgian chocolate, mulberry, tiramisu, Dark Chocolate & Raspberry