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Having Durga Puja FOMO? These 5 Restaurants in Mumbai Will Sort You Out

Whether you're a food lover {who doesn't love food!} or a Bengali who is not going to be able to go back home for Durga Puja, or both, don't worry, we've rounded up a list of few of the best Bengali restaurants in the city for you to get your hands on some delish and authentic food {some aloo poshto and rasmalai for the soul}!

Bong Appétit!

Having started in 2007-2008, Bijoli Grill in Powai is one of the first authentic Bengali restaurants in the city. Durga Puja celebrations in the central suburb of Mumbai are one of the biggest in this city, and it was obvious that Bengalis in the area were hungry for a placed that served authentic cuisine.

They have a brilliant variety of dishes {even vegetarian!}. They also serve rolls, that will remind you of Nizam's in New Market. Be sure to head there for a sumptuous feast!

Don’t Miss: Mustard fish, aaloo poshto, mutton curry

Shell Out: INR 1,200 for two people approx. {minus alcohol}

Pro-Tip: We've heard that they are coming up a special unlimited menu with about 20-25 items specially for Durga

One of the only Bengali restaurants in the city having a bar, Oh! Calcutta is the most commercially successful restaurant chains {amongst traditionalists and first timers} serving authentic cuisine. After all, who would mind some Calcutta Fish Fry and a whiskey {on-the-rocks of course} to go with it! 

Don’t Miss: Fish fry, Mutton cutlets, murgi poshto

Shell Out: INR 1,250 for two people approx.

Pro-Tip: Ask for their special buffet priced at INR 1,195. You won't be disappointed! 

Residents of Oshiwara swear by this Bengali restaurant. Bhojohori Manna stands out owing to their reasonable pricing to enjoy a sumptuous Bengali meal.

Don’t Miss: Mutton curry, maccher jhol {and The mutton jhol}, mutton biryani

Shell Out: INR 700- INR 900 for two people approx.

Pro-Tip: They have a non-vegetarian thaali priced at INR 900 and a vegetarian thaali priced at INR 600, with a different and tantalizing menu every day during Durga Puja.

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