Drop at this Upscale and Exclusive Bar with your Loved Ones for a Perfect Evening


    What Makes It Awesome

    Rocky Bar, located on the 3rd Floor adjacent to LOTD and Cafe Plum is a relatively smaller setup which welcomes you with hues of Golden and Black which stand out bold, aggressive and has a lot of elegance stretched from the Couches, Chandeliers, Window Panes, Crockery, and the Bar Counter. The place is relatively darker in comparison with LOTD or PLUM. It feels more like a private classy upmarket private area and personal attention across each table.

    The menu comprises of a variety of signature cocktails, imported beer, blended scotch whiskey, single malt whiskey, champagne, sparkling wine & other spirits. A lengthy and a healthy list. Rightly so for a Cocktail Bar. The food menu is however limited with around 7 options across 6 category listings to choose from. The dish names are interestingly named after cities such as - Athens, New York, Istanbul, Peru, Czech Republic, Florence, Cairo, etc.

    We had ordered the following:
    ▶No 3 Cocktail - Fig Infused Bourbon & a Green Tea with a Bay Leaf reduction finished with Blue Berry bitters. The fragrance of the Bay leaf and a smooth after taste of the Fig Bourbon served in a unique flat tilting clear glass.
    **Rated - 5/5**

    ▶No 11 Cocktail - Gin, Flambeed Absinthe, Cardamom Liqueur, Lime and Egg White. Served in a stemmed Cocktail glass containing Gin, Cardamom & Lime is a lethal yet a balanced combination of smooth flavors.
    **Rated - 5/5**

    ▶No 07 Cocktail - A refreshing & floral twist of the famous classic using beer instead of wine. Other mixtures include fresh Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Basil, Apple Syrup laced with Rum and topped with Beer. Served in a long tower clear glass.
    **Rated - 5/5**

    ▶Small plates - The Beirut -
    Minty large chunky Prawns, a bed of Quinoa Tabbouleh and micro greens
    **Rated - 5/5**

    ▶Small plates - The Oslo -
    Atlantic Salmon rillettes, baby capers, lemon zest, sourdough baguette.
    **Rated - 5/5**

    ▶Small plates - The Istanbul -
    Smoked Lamb kebabs served with thyme pita bread, wild rocket greens, harissa sauce, and barbeque dust
    **Rated - 4/5**

    ▶Large plates - The Sydney -
    Crispy skinned Salmon fillet with fennel and fried taro salad accompanied with white wine blanc sauce.
    **Rated - 4/5**

    Peru: 24-carat gold chocolate caramel bar served with a dark chocolate shot, butter cookies, and a hazelnut mousse

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    Best To Go With

    Big Group, Bae, Family