Ande Ka Funda: Eggcelent Dishes That You Must Try

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Brekkie, lunch, snacks or dinner- Eggs are that one solution when all the ghotala in the menu card confuse the hell out of you while you've come out to eat. And if egg's your jam, then go beyond the usual and let your tastebuds experience something delicious. We're making it easy for you and telling you where to spot those eggcellent and unique dishes. Read on! 

Anda Sev Puri @ Anda Apna Apna, Malad

Did we catch your attention with the mention of Sev Puri? Well we do know how much you love chaat (and egg) and this combination (trust us) is heavenly. Anda Apna Apna's egg sev puri works as an excellent snacking or chakhna option. 

Price: INR 100

Also Eat: Gogo Master Pavlet and Do Mastaane Egg Maggi

Eggs Cocotte @ Suzette Creperie & Cafe, Powai

This French dish, oven-baked at Suzette's is a masterpiece. And you can even choose your ingredients here- Bacon and cheese, ham and mozzarella, creamed spinach, ratatouille, and fresh cream. How does one not drool? 

Price: INR 180 onward (subject to change as per the combinations in the cocotte) 

Also Eat: Omelette with sauteed mushrooms, Croque Matin (sandwich stuffed with 2 eggs, mozzarella and chicken)

Pablo's Waffle @ Le 15 Cafe, Colaba

This one's quite unheard of. Pablo Naranjo Agular's a chef working closely with Pooja Dhingra at Le 15, and he invented this very weirdly interesting combination of a sweet waffle with the savoury runny egg on top of it. This crunchy parmesan beauty on a plate comes with tomato and basil sauce. And, is almost every regular visitor's favorite. 

Price: INR 375

Also Eat: Goan Shakshouka and Eggs Benedict 

Anda Butter Masala @ Andamental, Andheri

While the world's going gaga over butter chicken and paneer butter masala, it's anda version at Andamental is what's worth the try too. We love the rich gravy that's not too spicy, not too sweet, and just the perfect amount of orangy-red. 

Price: INR 210

Also Eat: China Town Omelette, Masala Fried Egg and Cheese 

Frilly Eggs @ Izaya, Nariman Point

This Thai invention will leave you wanting for another portion. The crispy fried frilly egg has a soft center filling, that's coated with Thai palm sugar dressing, with a lot of fried garlic and coriander to complete its look. 

Price: INR 382

Also Eat: Fragrant Drunken Prawns and Chilli Garlic Fish 

Australian Fry @ Ministry Of Eggs, Ghatkopar

Picture this, 35 types of egg dishes, including rice, heavy meal options as well as DIY eggs. The idea behind Ministry Of Eggs is to take the humble eggs, and let people know that it isn’t just a snack, but a good meal too. And their Australian fry is one thing that you must not miss out on.

Price: INR 265

Also Eat: Egg Lahori and Egg Lachko