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Eat That Cup! Buy Edible Cup In India Exclusively From Edco India!

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This Hyderabad based company is a manufacturer of edible cups which can be eaten after consuming cold and hot beverages. By promoting zero waste and eco-friendly practices, they are the manufacturers of the first and only edible cup in India.

The wafer cups manufactured by them come in three sizes.The Biscuit Cup can be used to serve hot coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and other beverages.The plain baked wafers are ready to fill with sweet or savory ingredients such as hummus, chaat, pudding, dips, tiramisu and other bite size desserts or fresh fruit.The Coffee Cup which was chocolate coated can be used for drinks like coffee,macchiato, espresso and so on.So basically you can drink your cup and eat it too.

It was a crisp biscuit that was delightful to have along with tea.These edible cups can also be used as service cups for sauces and jams at the breakfast table. Wholesale packs are available on direct supply and retail packs from your favorite e-commerce marketplaces and retailers near you.