This Fitness Makeover Is The Best In Town: Ditch Your Regular Gym For A Calisthenics-Based Functional Gym

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What Makes It Awesome?

I've been a member of Multifit NIBM for more than half a year now. What's interesting about this particular gym is that it focuses more on functional training rather than the traditional weightlifting stuff. Functional training is the new fitness mantra where overall flexibility and movement of the body is concentrated on rather than just working out a single muscle group.

Multifit NIBM conducts group classes every day where a high-intensity workout circuit is curated by the trainers {plus. It's tough but fun}. The trainers over here are ACSM certified and are well trained.

Expect high-intensity circuits, butt-kicking workout plans, tyre flips, jungle gyms, boxing along with the weights and machines over here. Apart from this, it also has classes for boxing, MMA, spinning, and yoga.

What Could Be Better?

The number of equipment could have been more to avoid people waiting for their turn to work out at least during the peak gym hours.

What's My Pro Tip?

Keep a constant tab on their social media pages to know more about their membership offers, competitions, and activities conducted by them for both members and non-members of the gym.

{Picture 0ourtesy: Multifit NIBM's Facebook page}