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Gorge On Delicious Kolhapuri Misal At Tanu's Kitchen!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Having spent time catering to numerous Misal festivals in Mumbai and Pune, Tanu's Kitchen is homemaker turned restaurateur Tanuja Deshpande’s dreamchild.

While Tanu’s kitchen is big on most home recipes, their unique take on Misal in the form of a massive Fondue served with a brilliant Saoji blend got me floored instantly. Lovely toasted Pav, thick Misal gravy, chunky Farsaan, fresh Onion, slices of lemon to cut down the spice, and lovey potato Crisps - this bad boy is a meal for 2 from the get-go. And you don’t need to get your hands dirty (not that I don’t want to).

The Kolhapuri Misal is served with some brilliant Shev-Chivda sourced from Kolhapur, and Potato sabji in true Kolhapur style. You can ask for some Matki should you prefer that. The Misal isn’t overly spicy, but their Chaas and Solkadi is a good way to cool down things a bit.

I hope they sell the ShevChivda separately, deadly stuff that. We also had the Kat-Wada sample and the Kat-Kanda Bhaji sample, pretty famous down in Kolhapur-Sangli. Stuff my relatives sing paeans of. Spicy and hearty, good stuff.

Tasted some Solapur-style Sangam Wada that is similar to a Bread Pakoda, bathed in Pudina and Date chutneys and topped with generous Sev. The Pizza Dosa with Vegetables and loads of grated Cheese reminds of engineering college! Absolute essentials of mine back in the day

Madly stuffed, yet Tanuja egged us to have her handmade and sizzling Chickoo Halwa topped with Vanilla ice cream and shards of Cashew. I sense some fresh Khoya was also used. And so much Ghee that it started popping bonkers all over the Hotplate. This is the first time I have got to have this, and I gotta say it had to be the perfect crescendo to what was an amazing breakfast trip down to Southern-Maharashtra.

Thank you Kaustubh Shastri for this beast of breakfast and Tanuja for being such a gracious host. I’m surely going back for the Misal fondue and the Halwa. Delicious delicious!

Note: The food was semi-portioned based on our request. Actual servings are with larger portions.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

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Family, Big Group, Kids