#LBBPicks: Have You Tried The Cool Green Paan Shake From Cafe Milano?

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Don’t just chew on Varanasi special meetha paan, drink it too! Yes, you saw that right. Milano at Clover Corner in Viman Nagar is giving our age-old mouth freshener with an awesome twist!

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Behold the exotic paan shake, an unique creation by Cafe Milano. This striking drink in cool sea-foam hue is a major hit at the cafe, especially during the summers. Albeit, this doesn’t mean you can’t relish this beauty on a rainy afternoon or a wintry evening.

The paan shake is a combination of betel leaves, vanilla ice cream, milk, ice and an additional paan flavouring agent. So the next time you’re at Milano’s, don’t forget to order this startling one-of-a-kind drink for just INR 120.

So We're Saying...

Paan shake is literally a super cool drink with an instant soothing and refreshing after-effect. We also loved Milano’s forest fruit shake for INR 130 and the peanut-butter banana shake for INR 150.