10 Popular Puneri Words & Phases You Need To Know To Survive In This City

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When it comes to dry humour laced with sarcasm, nothing beats the local lingo of Pune. From their traditional twang to the expressions they use, here are certain Puneri phrases that are required for you to know, in case you’re new in town.


Although exaggerations are a part of daily Punekari lingo, you’ll hear aawraaa being said by every other person. This basically means, move or work faster, but when used casually, it is used to for anything that is an over-exaggeration.


A humble way of telling your friend to shut-up is by saying barrr. Next time you need someone to stop rambling on, just say barrr.


“Kasli Hawaaa” is a Puneri version of saying “what a show-off”. So now you know what to say when your friend buys the latest iPhone and keeps talking about it.

Lai Bhaari

A famous Marathi movie also gets its name from this favorite slang. ‘Simply Awesome’, is the literal meaning of these words.


Punekars use kadak to point out something great or insanely interesting. ‘Kadak jagah’ (great place) or ‘Kadak missal’ (great missal) are some uses of this word.


An uber-cool way to make it into the partying-gang of your college, simply use ‘Full Radaach’. It is a Puneri way of saying ‘full-on crazy’.


College students are almost always broke. ‘Tujha Tu Majha Mi’ meaning you pay yours, I’ll pay mine, is the most used phrase by college-goers.


A very cool alternative of TTMM is TTMT. ‘Tujha tu Majhahi Tu’ meaning you pay yours and pay mine too. One can always try their luck!


Superb, great, fantastic; use as many adjectives as you possibly can and that is exactly what vaadhiv means. Just one Puneri word for so many English equivalents!

Matter Zhalay

Bunked too many lectures and can’t sit for the next semester exams? Or has your boss caught you bunking work? These situations are exactly where you can use “matter zhalay” which means there’s a big problem.