Cosy Up Or Take A Stroll: These Artsy Graphic Jammies & Kaftans Let You Do Both

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What Makes It Awesome

Pajamas are the new sweatpants and we are slowly believing in this way of living, more so when we come across brands like Nine To Mine. Let's just say that the pajama sets,  nighsuits, kaftans and loungewear from here are what dreams are made of. Like literally as colourful and random! When we say this we're basically referring to the brand's artsy graphic prints, vibrant colours and the attention to design - one look and most would argue you can wear these PJs not just to bed, but through the day, at home and run errands in them too! We would, at least. 

Look through their collection, very conveniently available on LBB and choose between minimal classic and playful quirky styles. Think prints like cute pandas, rainbows, donuts, owls, santa or unicorns and little palm trees or florals, and ethnic motifs too. What also makes Nine To Mine's loungewear so wearable and easy to flaunt is the fact that they are well-made and designed a little more differently. So while you can stick to buying yourself a regular Nine To Mine collared shirt and pants nightsuit, you can also choose to be a little different and try a kaftan nightsuit set. Basically, the top is a pretty kaftan paired with a matching top. Just printed kaftans, that quite frankly look too good to be worn just at home are available too. 

Prices start at INR 1,500. Nine To Mine Loungewear is available only in sets. Use your LBB Perks while checking out to avail additional discounts.