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A Local's Guide To Eating The Yummiest Street Food In Lonavala

If I had a rupee for every time I saw a traveller from Mumbai or Pune eating at all the wrong places in Lonavala, I would be set for life. And, the surprising thing about the whole affair is that even the regular travellers are woefully ignorant about where to grab basic street food out there. So here it is, the ultimate street food guide that'll make your next trip to Lonavala way better. 

You could go on a vada pav eating spree all over town or simply go for the yummiest one at Gupta Vadapav. The best part though? It’s not at all pricey. Get a plate of vada pav for INR 14 with unlimited chillies. 

You want to taste the best selling and tasting masala pav on this side of the Sahyadri mountain range? Ganesh does it right for you. You like it extra spicey – you got it. You want the extra butter to give your arteries a run for an artificial stent – you get that too. Ganesh Pav is probably the most delicious masala pav you have ever eaten, for INR 20 only. 

This pitla bhakri will even impress the most rugged farmers in eastern Marathwada who are brought up on a  diet of bhakri and thecha. For those of you who got the reference, yes it's that good! The dish is an institution in itself. Pocket pinch of INR 70 only. 

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