Eat The Most Delicious Bhel In The City At The Legendary Pushkarni Bhel

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What Makes It Awesome?

Chaat is an all time favourite snack, irrespective of the age factor. Defined by the chaupatis in Mumbai, it is equally popular in Pune. Shopping sprees are always charmed by a good, delicious plate of tangy paani puri or bhel topped with loads of sev and coriander. The sour-sweet taste, spiced up by the chilly and namkeen farsaan blast your mouth with flavourful divers. That "extra puri de do na bhaiya" or "aur thoda paani dalo na" is the evidence of the love we all share for this delicacy. Each vendor giving it its own twist, the core remains the same. 

One such place where you can treat your taste buds with the crunchiest bhel is the legendary Pushkarni bhel. Located behind Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale, Bajirao Road, this small shop stands tall open amongst the buzz of the city area. Located exactly opposite Vishrambaug Wada, it is winning the hearts of Punekars since 1935. It has gained great amount of trust from their customers since old times for their quality and taste, and generations of families have been visiting their shop till date. To such an extent, that waiting for 15 minutes is preferred than going to any other shop. 

Initially started as a small family business, this bhel shop has created a niche for itself in the city. Invariably the best bhel in Pune, it has still managed to stay the undisputed potentate in spite of the growing competition. They use the highest quality of ingredients. The sev is made and freshly fried, peanuts roasted to perfection before the shop opens every single day. They get the crunchiest moor moore that will retain the crispiness even after the bhel is soaked in tamarind water. The helper cutting fresh onions and coriander skilfully, is a sight to behold. The experience of many years is seen in those expert hands cutting so swiftly and evenly. And what makes it special and distinct from the other bhel shops in their special masala mixed with red chilli powder. Help yourself to the tamarind water kept on the side if you want to make it more sweet. Sprucely, the bhel is mixed in small individual portions so that every customer gets its fresh and crusty.  We suggest you to savour into this cultural treat giving one a home-cooked food feeling, that too at just INR 60. The customers are served with lots of gratitude and love. Even though they say that the shop closes at 8:30 pm, They don't have a fixed timing to close the shop. It is open till the bhel ends. But trust as when we tell you that it won't cross the three-hour mark.

What could be better?

Parking is a very big issue here. We suggest you to ditch your four wheelers and find proper parking for your bikes, which is not less of a hassle. The shop being in a congested place, there is not enough seating to accommodate so many people. With so much rush at the shop, be ready to wait for a good 15 to 20 minutes to get your order. 

Pro- Tip

Do ask them to sprinkle more shev on your bhel which will make it crunchy. If you want to pack it up, tell them well in advance. Don’t waste the bhel, they are sure to feel bad.