Go Camping In The Farms At This Resort A Few Hours From Pune

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and have a fun farm stay at The Farmstead, just 40 kms away from Pune. The resort is perfect for families, groups of friends and even your work buddies. So go ahead and start planning a fun, relaxing and rejuvenating weekend. 

    Located amidst lush green trees, mountains and a flowing river, The Farmstead is the hottest and yet the coolest place to be at for the weekend. The farm is a sneak peak into a village life with their farms, cattle sheds, bullock carts, and many rural life-like aspects. You can enjoy a bunch of these activities along with some delicious Maharashtrian-style, cuisine. The best part? To maintain the theme of a village life, these place cooks all of its food on a chulha.

    The resort offers various packages to people of all possible kinds. If you are someone who works on Saturdays as well and needs a quick escape, you can book their day visit package. In this package, the resort provides a number of things such as unlimited meal, morning breakfast, tours around the farms, bird watching, bullock cart ride and many such things. They also have an option of river rafting however, that is separately charged. 

    If you feel like spending a night here, you can go with two options. On one hand, you can choose to spend your night under the stars by opting to camp in their farms. In this, you will be provided with all the essentials such as tents, sleeping bags and other stuff. On the other hand, you can choose shared rooms with your squad and spend a night gossiping, laughing or even playing board games. Oh! By the way, this place also has indoor games like carrom, Jenga, chess etc. If you want to host a barbecue night with your friends, they make those arrangements too. 

    The resort also offers a guided tour of their farms. In this farm tour, you are told the importance of farming, its methods, techniques and the logic behind every method and other stuff. The best part about this is that they grow different crops and veggies according to the season.  

    Farmstead also offers their space for weddings and other events. You can also host corporate events over here.