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Topped With Happiness: We Pick The Best Thin-Crust Pizzas In Town

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We know how annoying it is when you bite into a pizza and it turns out to be thick bread with salad and cheese! We face the same problem too! That's why we have listed the best pizzerias in town for you to enjoy a thin-crust pizza at.

Largo Pizzeria

Over three outlets in Pune, Largo Pizzeria has changed the face of pizzas and the way they taste and look in Pune! Their speciality is their huge-ass pizzas which start from 16 inches and go upto 20 inches which are thin, have creamy cheese toppings and baked to perfection! If you live for spicy foods then we highly recommend you to try out their afterburn pizza which is we guess is made from dragon fire.

Little Italy

Anytime we crave pizzas, pasta, and anything Italian, we visit Little Italy. A plush Italian restaurant in Shivaji Nagar, it has a selection of gourmet thin-crust pizzas with loads of authentic condiments and a generous drizzle of olive oil. Try the piato giardino and piato crostana, their specialty pizzas with hummus as one of the toppings. A meal for two comes up to INR 1400. They even deliver DIY pizza kits with classic sauces and toppings. 

Tales and Spirits

The heaven for vegetarian food lovers, Tales and Spirits serves around 13 delicious thin-crust pizzas like mascarpone cream cheese al Fiamma and others, our personal favourite, however, remains their cheesiest four cheese pizza. No wonder this outlet featured on our list although it isn't exclusive a pizzeria. 


One of the oldest outlets serving pizza slices is Bubsterr's. Dig into their wide range of delicious thin-crust pizzas which after you’ve filled your stomach will make you burp (a compliment in Italy to the chef), and definitely try out thier Cajuan spiced pizza. The starting price is just INR 150. 


Basilio in Aundh is a tiny pizzeria known for its mouth-watering thin-crust pizza slices. This quaint pizza place is known for serving single slices as well as 20-inch monster pizzas! Popular options include Indiana, Moussakka, Hawaii, Naple pizzas. Do not forget to pair them up with their in-house pull-out bread. 

Buon Cibo

This Italian cafe in town on Pancard Club Road in Baner is for anyone looking for value for money and good food. One of the mains dishes is pizza. Thin-crusted and crunchy, these pizza slices are heavenly. I munched on the stile capo and al fungi pizza. They are fulfilling, tasty, and quite healthy as they are loaded with veggies. A slice at Buon Cibo starts at INR 175. You can also enjoy other dishes.

The Mighty Crust Pizzeria

Pizza is indeed bae. If you too are sick of the thick bread served to you in the name of pizza and thin-crust has become love, you have got to try The Mighty Crust Pizzeria in Pimpri Chinchwad. In fact, many neighbourhood locals believe that it's the best pizza in Pune they've ever had. A very humble and simple pizzeria, Mighty Crust is a small place where the food speaks. Starting at INR 400, options here include barbecue chicken pizza, pesto chicken, hottie, jerk chicken, and the classic pepperoni. While vegetarian pizza options include Margherita, pesto, toby, mafioso, and Napoli. The best part is you can opt for two toppings by ordering your pizza half-and-half or try four toppings by opting for quarter pizzas. The sizes are 14 and 18 inches and a vegetarian 14" pizza will cost you INR 450.


If you are a total pizza freak, it doesn't matter what kind of pizza you are eating. You can also head to these best pizzerias in town or even get Chicago-style deep dish pizzas (which are not very common in Pune) delivered at these places.