Unicorn Pens, Bendable Pencils & More: This Store Is A Heaven For Cute Stationery

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What Makes It Awesome

The Universal Stationery Store in Wanowrie is a one-stop-shop for all kinds of stationery needs. The store has a number of markers, pens, sketch pens, books, sheets and much more. So go ahead and stock your bags with cool and quirky stationery from here. 

The store has a number of quirk pens in stock. We really like their syringe pens. If you are a prankster, these pens are a must-have to scare your friends and family. We also found these really cool and tempting popcorn pencil tops here. These popcorn tops actually were life-like. The store also has some super cool windmill pens too that come with an actual rotating windmill plastic blades. Guess who’s gonna look the coolest kid on the block?

If you are a minion fan, then rejoice! This store has a number of minion-themed accessories. You will find pencils with minion prints, exam pads, pencil and pen tops with minion eyes which are just too cute. If you think this is the max quirky it gets here, then you’re in for a surprise. The store also has a number of ice-cream top pens. In addition to these, they also have unicorn capped pens and pens which are designed to look like horns. They also have pens that are shaped like umbrellas. The store also has some cool erasers in various shapes. We really loved their entire collection of fast food erasers. These erasers are shaped like fries, burgers, hotdogs, coke cans and milkshakes. Is there anything else that can define you more as a foodie? 

Along with pens in all possible shapes and sizes, the store also has some cool pencil-shaped pouches. It’s not just that it looks very fascinating, it’s also pretty much of a space saver because of its shape. They also have headphone pouches that stop your headphones from tangling every now and then.

Along with these stationery items, the store also has some really cool purse, bags and wallets on display. They have recently added a few earrings to their stock as well.  So go ahead and shop your hearts out!