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4700BC Popcorn Will Hook You Up With Mocha, Salsa, and Peanut Butter Versions

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What Makes It Awesome

4700 BC Popcorn, said to be India’s first gourmet popcorn brand, will sort out your stay at home binge-watching scenes. The brand does flavoured popcorns in almost every imaginable flavour. We are talking Sriracha Lime Cheese, Sour Cream & Wasabi, Orange Chilli Caramel, French Butter & Pink Salt, and our personal favourite -- the Nutty Tuxedo Chocolate. You get these in pouches starting at INR 89 but it's the pretty tin boxes that we are recommending.

The Nutty Tuxedo is strictly for those who love sugar. The dark, milk, and white chocolate, we found, was only sporadically drizzled on the popped kernels. Much of it was only coated in caramel which can very well serve as a dessert option. The Sour Cream & Wasabi Cheese comes with an undeniable hit of the wasabi flavour with the sour undertones. The popcorn can be warmed a bit in your microwave to enjoy it at home.  While we certainly won’t be rushing back anytime soon, their Cheesy Popcorn will definitely be on our list of things to buy the next we host a movie night.