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5 Dishes That Make Sree Krishna Kafe Koramangala’s Most Popular South Indian Joint

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Whether you are in for breakfast, lunch, snacks, or dinner — Sree Krishna Kafe has got you more than covered. A humble-eatery, Krishna Kafe serves up rustic, vegetarian, Tamil fare. And it’s iconic status is well-deserved, patrons insist. LBB lists down Krishna Kafe’s unmissable hits that you’ve got to order the next time you are there.

Podi Masala Dosa

Thin, crisp masala dosas with a lovely, golden hue — if this doesn’t fill your heart with glee {and ghee} we don’t know what will. While you can dunk bits of it in the waiting bowl of hot sambhar, the bright-orange podi {a spicy powder} that’s sprinkled generously on the inside gives that dish a lovely chilli hit and makes it easily devourable.

Price: INR 70 {approx.}


Looking for a healthy, non-fried but delicious option? Try the Idiyappam. For your money’s worth, you’ll get a billowy bed of string hoppers that have a lovely softness to them. The accompanying coconut milk adds a subtle sweetness to the dish while the vegetable stew provides a bit of spice.

Price: INR 65 {approx.}

Onion Oothappam

Now, don’t be thrown off by the spelling. The Oothappam {or the uttapam, as we more commonly know it}, at Krishna Kafe, comes with all the classic textures and flavours that we love about the dish. There is the crunch of the onions, the spice for the small bits of chilli and coriander, and the airiness of the batter itself. At the eatery, you can get your Oothappam plain, sprinkled with podi, or with chunks of tomato.

Price: INR 55-70 {approx.}

Rasa Vadai

One of the rare restaurants in the city to serve up this dish, the Rasa Vadai is on everyone’s favourite list. A crunchy, deep-fried medu vada comes floating in a peppery rasam and leaves a big smile on your face. The Rasa Vadai is only available on select days so make sure you call ahead to find out whether it’s made to the menu.

Price: INR 40 {approx.}

Limited Meals

A hearty South Indian meal that doesn’t make you feel sluggish when you get back to the grind, that’s what Krishna Kafe offers. Take a seat and your banana leaf will be piled with mounds of rice, vegetables, sambhar, rasam, pickle, and papad. You’ll also get a local sweet and a helping of buttermilk at the end. You’ll leave with a full belly and without a dent in your wallet.

Price: INR 90 {approx.}