Skip The Gym And Get In Shape The Alternative Way

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We’re guessing that your New Year resolutions are now just a distant and fast fading memory! So, we’re helping you switch things up with exercises that take you out of the mundane gym and aerobics classes to put you in a boxing ring, on strings attached to the roof and even on the dirt to get you fighting fit. So bye bye dumbells and treadmills, hello belly dancing and Muay Thai.

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National Corps Fitness

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A3 Performance

Ideal for sports performance optimisation as well as to get your body fighting fit, these guys are all about strength. Don’t bother about having weight loss as your prime goal because that is just a by-product. Bosu ball training, TRX suspension training and pendulum training are all part of the programme for non-athletes.

The Tribe

Founded by Shwetambari Shetty and Sundeep Kulkarni, head here for CrossFit, TRX and body combat workouts. What this space is best known for though is Shetty’s Zumba classes that will get you in shape while also honing your dance moves!

Hyper Monkey

You can expect to workout here and come out exactly like the name suggests — like a hyper monkey. Yoga, kick-boxing and Zumba are top of the list but if you’re really looking for something different then try Monkey Madness {a mix of parkour and gymnastics}, Monkey Bag {to unleash the Rock Balboa in you} and Death By Monkey {a high cardio, high endurance workout meant to build stamina and tone those muscles}.

Tarantismo For Belly Dancing

For that hour-glass figure and the ability to pretty much mesmerise with your hips, a spot of belly dancing is in order. Head to Tarantismo Creative Dance Company’s numerous classes at various levels, ranging from beginner to advanced. Get fit, and learn a skill.

Fitness Fight Club

They really toughen you up here because apparently ‘if you don’t push yourself, no one else is going to do it for you! And how right they are. Learn boxing, Jujitsu, Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts or even get your sports conditioning sorted out here. It’s all about commitment here and the camaraderie you’ll see in-house is truly infectious.


Pooja Arora is exactly what the name of her company suggests: a fit mermaid. And her aqua aerobics classes will turn even a land turtle into a water baby. Energetic, fun and great to get fit, her sessions range from circuit classes to shallow-water aqua training. While you also lose weight, the resistance the water gives the body will make sure that you’re toned and that beach body is just around the corner.

National Corps Fitness

We’ve already raved about them as Namma CrossFit, but with a new goal and a brand new outlook, it’s now officially National Corps Fitness. A tactical and sports brand which aims to get you in top shape for a sport or athletics, this one is hardcore. But that doesn’t mean these guys don’t cut it as an alternate method to get fit. We love that you go in feeling slightly intimidated {What? We did.} but you’ll end up intimidating others in no time. Almost a way of life, you’ll get seriously addicted if you put your heart and head in it. Oh, and no machines here too. So, use the only machine you have — your body.

Ultimate Frisbee

One of biggest hubs for this cool sports, Ultimate Frisbee is catching on in the country, but Bangalore still remains well ahead. Bringing together the best of various sports like basketball, football, American football and even netball, Ultimate is a great way to stay fit as you are constantly on the move when playing. But at the end of the session, apart from a whole group of friends, you’ll end up with great stamina, improved pace and also great aim.