Bangalore Is In For A Hot Spell: Average Temperature Rises By 5 Degree Celsius

Editors posted on 12 April


If you’ve been lamenting about the rise in the mercury levels, we have some bad news to add to your woes: it’s going to get worse, according to reports.

Heat Wave

Oh yes, we know how Bangalore’s weather has been one of its saving graces, even as you complain about the traffic and pollution here. But, going by this report in Bangalore Mirror, this summer, it may not be as pleasant as we’d have liked it to be. According to a recent research which used patterns collected from two weather stations {Jayanagar and HSR Layout}, the average temperature in the city has gone up by atleast five degree Celsius!

What’s more, beating the previous record of 38.6 {which was the highest recorded temperature in Bangalore}, the temperature has gone up to 41 degree Celsius today! With summer having started by the end of February this year {it usually begins by end of March}, there’s an increase in ‘hotter months’ as well! We’re already longing for those cool winter days.

The report first appeared in Bangalore Mirror. Read the entire article here.