It’s Getting Hot In Here: Do You Know Bangalore’s Spiciest Dishes? Rocky & Mayur Tell You About Them In Bira 91’s Hot Stuff Series


    When you think variety is the spice of life? Bangalore’s cuisine will not only satiate your appetite but get you the spice fix you’re looking for. In this week’s Hot Stuff series powered by Bira 91, Rocky and Mayur head to Bangalore to find out more about the chilis that form the backbone  of Mangalorean cuisine. Get ready to set your taste buds on fire and add these items to your foodie bucketlist! Bright and fiery red in colour, the Byadagi chili is indigenous to the region and is a key ingredient in signature delicacies, including ghee roast, neer dosa, kori rotti and more.

    Ghee Roast

    Mangalore’s pride and joy comes from their famous ghee roasts, that come in butter, garlic, chilly, prawn and chicken versions and is one of the most delectable dishes to have. With a fiery red look, tangy and spicy flavors of ghee roasted spices, savour this with a chilled Bira 91 and slip into the best nap thereafter.

    Neer Dosa

    Soft, paper thin yet fluffy, made from coconut milk and rice; neer dosas pair well with seafood and meat dishes, and are a staple addition to any meal. A massive hit with Mangaloreans.Soak up your favourite mutton curry  with this heavenly dosa or relish it with sambhar and coconut chutney.

    Bangude Masala Fry

    Rich aroma, crispy exteriors and tender fish that’s marinated twice in spices, Bangude Masala Fry is a favourite amongst locals. Whether you love trying it with steamed rice, tamarind rice or trying it with an appam, the burst of flavours in this lip-smacking dish make it one for the foodie bucketlist.

    Kori Gassi

    Chicken lovers, you’ll relish this authentic delicacy from Mangalore, prepared by cooking chicken in a tomato based curry spiced with red chiles, and to be relished with wafers made from rice flour.

    If these mouthwatering dishes have made it to your checklist, then watch episode 3 of Hot Stuff right now and find out the chili that makes Bangalorean food super delicious. Plus, you get to find out more about the Byadagi chili and it’sits role in spicing up some of the most loved delicacies of South Indian cuisine.

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