Brie To Fontine: These Begums Make Cheese That Will Take You To The Alps, Greece & England Without Leaving Town

    What Makes It Awesome

    First, let us take a moment to appreciate the name Begum Victoria. A tribute to the locality the cheese is made at, in Bangalore, and of course, a nod to Queen Victoria and her wedding present from the people of Somersetshire - a behemoth chunk of Cheddar cheese (which weighed approximately 500kgs and was nine feet wide), we're in love with the name! Then, rejoice because you get perfectly made cheeses such as Brie, cheddar and the Greek favourite, Feta (crumbly, tangy and just right to drizzle on your boring salad!). All straight from their temperature and humidity controlled cheese cave, right here in Bangalore! 

    We sampled the cheddar and had to immediately get rid of every last bit of Amul cheese in the fridge. Hard and slightly sharp, we’re happy to stay in, binge watching Netflix and more importantly, binge eat this cheddar with crackers! The mild and slightly acidic Fontine (Fontina) has us planning to bring out the prosciutto while the Havarti, the easily melting cheese best known to come from Denmark, has changed the way we have grilled cheese sandwiches! They also have Bel Paese (sometime with truffles) for those date nights. Bring out the Rom-Coms, the apples, pears, figs and fruity wines and order up the cheese from Begum Victoria. This is Romance 101, y’all! You’re welcome! 

    When you want to make things easier, just head to Toast & Tonic. Tying in with their efforts to promote India’s biodiversity and local markets, they have a curated Cheese Platter (INR 595), with cheeses from Begum Victoria, on a rotational basis. Currently on offer is  the Fontina, Havarti, Bel-paese and Brie. Pair this with house made tomato and perilla seed chutney, roasted pineapple and rum jam, Port wine mustard, guava jelly, fresh figs, smoked honey and served with sourdough, rye and sesame seed crackers. And nuts, of course! 

    Then, whether you choose to or not, you'll 100 per cent be saying cheese! 


    You can also pick up their cheese from 10 Cuts Of Cheese in Koramangala too.